21 Month Letter

19 Oct

To my rambunctious, temperamental and adorabley smart daughter,

Today you are 21 months.  One month closer to being 2.  This is mind blowing to me.  Wasn’t it just yesterday we were watching you try to roll over?

How did we get to you being able to put your own shoes on (granted, on the wrong feet, but still)?

You still hate to get your hands dirty, but did wonderful at the Pumpkin Patch on Saturday.  We found you a fairly clean pumpkin, and you carried it all by yourself.

Big Girl

You even helped us pick out some funny looking gourds to surprise Uncle Matt with.

Even though you are still working on your English skills (the only word we can translate accurately is shoes), you communicate very well.  We’ve started you on some sign language and you now say “please” whenever you want something.  It’s so cute when you do it, that I pretty much let you nurse almost any time.

So much for weaning.

Some mornings you wake up after I get out of the shower.  You’ll sit in the bathroom with me while I do my hair and makeup, talking.  I imagine you are telling me about your dreams.  If you are anything like your momma and Nana, you will have very vivid and intense dreams.  This morning though, you read to me from The Ear Book.

It was a glorious way to start the morning.  Especially when you then crawled into bed, gave me a kiss goodbye, asked me to kiss daddy goodbye and then waved to me as I left.

No tears.  No cries.  You knew I had to leave and accepted it.

Then there are moments when I can’t believe how little you are.


Seeing you wrapped in my arms, fast asleep, and you are tiny again.  Delicate, precious.

My Loves

And so loved.

So very very loved.

❤ Your Mommy

2 Responses to “21 Month Letter”

  1. Life with Kaishon October 19, 2010 at 3:49 pm #

    What a beautiful post. And guess what? It just goes faster as they grow. So quickly and all of a sudden…they are 10! And you are like, ‘Oh my goodness, that went too fast : (‘

    • Mrs. Soup October 19, 2010 at 3:50 pm #

      Everyone keeps saying that and it makes me even more scared!

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