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1 Mar

This Saturday was my dad’s 60th birthday.

It was glorious and wonderful.

We had it at the McMenamins Grand Lodge, in “downtown” Forest Grove.  Delicious food, great friends and family….and a wonderful surprise.  My dear sister and her family surprised my dad on Friday by flying up from Arizona!

We were all surprised (except my sneaky mom) and it was wonderful to spend time with them.   Yesterday I even got to take my niece horseback riding with me.  She is coming up with her brother this summer to spend time, and we’ll get to ride again.  While we girls went riding, the adults took naps and the boys came over to our place to shoot some guns off our back porch.  They love the fact that we are out in the middle of nowhere and can do that.

Now, I was planning to get some of the great shots I took on Saturday at the party on Saturday.  All McMenamins are re-purposed historical buildings that are decorated with amazing eclectic artwork and paintings and just so wonderfully fun.

Unfortunately…my computer decided to commit suicide this weekend.

My dear husband went to change out the hard drive that had been donated by a great friend.  When reloading the OS though….he managed to wipe my external hard drive.  The one with all my backups.

Please send healing thoughts for my poor external.  And be with me in hoping that not only can we recover the images, but that the computer will work now and be worth the stress.

So, instead of really pretty images of my fantastic father, his amazing birthday party, my family and the great horse-back ride…all I have to offer the image gods are these pictures of the cute birthday card I made my dad:

Birthday Card Envelope
Birthday Card Front

Birthday Card Inside


Oh!  And PLEASE go visit Aunt Becky!  Not only does she have an incredible new blog design (gorgeous!) but she has a chance to get some of her humor published.  Her agents are looking to submit information to her publishers to see interest in her books.  So please, even if you could care less about Aunt Becky (which would be silly) go visit her here.  Fill out your name (fake name even!) and an email address (you’ll get a free chapter of the book too!) and mark either yes or hell yes.  They aren’t counting names.  Just the people.  So it would be awesome to have your “vote”.

Especially since People of Walmart beat her in the Bloggies.  Stupid content submission sites…don’t know what real funny is.

No Words on Friday

30 Oct

I thought about posting some more fall photos.  Then thought about expounding on the joys of Halloween and the candy and costumes.  Also thought of describing my Halloween costume for the party tomorrow.  Or maybe discussing the fact that this will be the first time Mr. Soup and I will be going to a Halloween party in our 5 years of being together and how it will also be the first evening we spend away from Baby Soup.

But I couldn’t get it to form into an actual post.

So since words are failing me today, I give you a story in pictures:

Grandpa! 01

Grandpa! 02

Grandpa! 03

Grandpa! 04

Grandpa! 05

Grandpa! 06

Have a fantastic and safe Halloween!  I expect to come back to see lots of pictures of costumes.  I will be sharing ours on Monday as well!

You Capture – Still Life

16 Oct


I know, a day late.  I was laid up yesterday with lovely vertigo…but here you go.

Still Life.

My dad retired as a volunteer firefighter this month.  We had a party at the fire house celebrating his 30 years of service.  45 years of service from his buddy.  Both amazing men, dedicating their lives and time to their city.  These are all seriously straight out of camera.  As in, didn’t even get to re-size them.

Engine 422

Fire Axe

Volunteer firefighters article

And one more, not technically a still life.  But he is life.
Laughing or Crying?and his granddaughter with him.

For more Still Lives visit Beth at I Should Be Folding Laundry.

Happy Father’s Day

22 Jun

Yes, I realize I’m a day late.  But I don’t care.

To the love of my life, Mr. Soup.

You like to say to those who are expecting their first child, or have already done so, that you plan and prepare for those 9 months while your partner is pregnant.  You think you know what it will feel like and are read.  But then, when you hold your baby in your arms that first time?  You say “Holy shit, I’m a dad”.



Truer words could never be spoken.  You are such an amazing dad.  Everytime you look at your daughter, I can just see your heart shining through.  I know you love being a Stay at Home Dad so much, and pray that I will be able to allow you to continue doing so.

Daddy Grins

I know you were worried about being a good day, considering your models growing up.  You don’t have to worry anymore, because you are amazing.  Happy first Father’s Day.

And what are we without our own fathers?

Daddy, I know you will never read this.  That is okay.  Because I’m writing it anyways.  What would I be without you?  Thank you for being such an amazing role model.  Showing me how to deal with situations as an adult.  Teaching me how to work well with others and inspire confidence.

Most importantly?  Thank you for passing on your sense of humor to me.  You are so loving and hilarious, able to set anyone at ease with a perfectly timed joke.

You taught me what to look for in a husband and father.  Even though I married my brother (no, not really!  But seriously, they could be twins.  In fact, we call them twins.  They can talk for hours just with each other….but I digress) I know that you molded so much of yourself into him.

Thank you for showing me that it’s okay for men to cry at movies.  To love, no matter what. To be strong does not necessarily require being mean.

I love you.