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A Letter to my Daughter on her Third Birthday

19 Jan

To My Dearest Aviendha,

Holy cow, you are three! THREE!  How did that happen?

One day, you are my little baby and then suddenly, you’ve become a passionate, opinionated, talkative, brilliant little girl. It’s amazing.

Over the past year, you’ve moved from your “Avi-ese” language into full blown English. To where strangers can understand you. Granted, they still have some trouble with some words, but you are very good at getting your point across.

This morning was wonderful…you woke up when Daddy was making coffee and I was putting my makeup on, so we got to do a wonderful “Happy Birthday” snuggle. Your Daddy said “Happy Birthday” to you and then asked you how old you were and your little voice shouting “THREEE” so happily made my morning.

You bring so much joy to my world. Fully weaned, sleeping in your own bed and almost totally potty trained – you really are a big girl now.

I cannot wait to see what this next year brings. Whatever it does, it’s going to be amazing.

Because you are incredible. You know when your daddy has a headache or when he is sleeping. It’s normal. You handle it so well and are so amazing.

Just to share the difference a year can make, two different dancing videos. One from your last year birthday and another from this year. You grow up so fast!

2011 Dancing Queen   2012 Dancing Queen

Twenty Nine

26 Mar

Today I began the journey of the last year of my twenties.

Birthday Break

I’m sitting in a local coffee shop that is just amazing.  Everyone has been super nice, the coffee is fantastic, free wi-fi and a delicious bagel.  Two hours of bliss.  The place has a “community table” so I left my business cards that I had with me there…I’m also going to be making some cards special for them, maybe with a coupon code or something for them.

Last night, I bought the newest Sims 3 expansion pack.  There was a sale going on and it was 33% off. Well, the shopping cart wouldn’t process so I called the tech support.  We got things sorted out AND I got a coupon code.  It ended up being $6.77 instead of the $40 original.  Yes please!!

And we got to sleep in this morning until 8. Then, thanks to Ice Age, I got a shower all by myself. It was heaven.

I’ve found my newest motto.  “Here’s to a good day.” If I think about it often enough, it will be. There are wonderful people in the world…I’m ready to meet them and allow them to brighten my day.

Yesterday we  spent most of the day at the hospital.  Avi played in the Little Waiting Room – free daycare while their parents have appointments in the hospital.  It was wonderful.  The ladies there were just lovely and Avi went to play just fine, blowing me kisses and smiling and waving to me.  I had my Jo Totes camera bag as my purse, and they were just oohing and aahing about how happy and bright and sunny it was.

The ladies at information were glorious, complimenting my necklace and we discussed the joys of Etsy. It was another shiny bit of sunshine on a day that could have been completely horrible.

So I’m ready.  Ready for a good day.  To embrace the good instead of the bad. I know it’s going to be difficult. It’ll be hard. But I can do it. Because I am awesome. And so are you!

Birthday Wish

23 Mar

Is it sad that more than anything I want to spend my birthday alone?

Maybe getting a manicure/pedicure then dinner and a movie.  By myself?

No worries. No needing to watch over someone else.  Being able to be selfish, if only for a few hours?

I love my family.  I love my friends. Most importantly though, I love myself.

So for my birthday, my 29th birthday this Saturday….all I want to do is to be able to love myself.

Friday Photos

11 Mar

I’ve been having way too much fun finding new textures.

I’m having WAY too much fun!

Took a few shots from my dad’s birthday party a few weeks ago.

We had handmade sushi that was just DIVINE!
Homemade Sushi
She helped him open his presents.
And  read his cards for him.

She even gave him a birthday kiss.

Come Here You!
Granted, it was so she could get ice cream….but still.  😉  😀

Whoooooooooo’s Twooooooooo?

7 Feb

I know it’s a few weeks late, but I don’t care!

Like any good day, we had a nap early on.

Nap Time
Then, my mom arrived to help get ready.  She brought her camera, which of course meant the birthday girl had to take it.

Baby Photog
A girl after my own heart!

Baby Photog

A little snack time before all the people arrived.


The above picture?  Taken amongst this:

Dancing Queen

She would spin spin spin and then drop and pose.

Dancing Poses
I’ve got a dancer for sure!

Then Grammy arrived with the cake!  It was SO delicious!

Beautiful Owl Cake

Presents!  This year, she totally got into it.  Tearing paper and tossing bows.  It was hilarious.

This puppy became her new best friend.

New Puppy Love
Well, at least until she opened the play tent.  After that, this is the most we saw of her all day:


Happy birthday, baby girl.  You are a so loved and I hope your party was a blast!