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Something’s Fishy…

9 Nov

This past weekend was amazingly lovely and exhausting both at the same time.

Saturday I met with a bunch of amazing fans of the Wheel of Time series.  We were all chosen as Storm Leaders.  Storm Leaders are people who get to help out with the book signing for the newest Wheel of Time book, The Gathering Storm.  We’ll get to meet with Brandon Sanderson (the amazing author who was chosen to finish the series after Robert Jordan’s death) and hand out tickets, interact with the attendees, help out with the books and take pictures.  I am very excited.  The lovely fellow Storm Leaders are fabulous and I can’t wait to work with them.

As a side note, if you enjoy fantasy books or loved The Lord of the Rings, READ THE WHEEL OF TIME.  For serious.

That evening, we met at my parent’s house for an evening of delicious hamburgers, a movie and slumber party.  The slumber party was because my brother, dad and husband would be embarking on a fishing trip and leaving at 5am the next morning.

Baby Soup though, did not appreciate this.  She did not want to sleep.  So we stayed up watching “Employee of the Month” on TV and chatting with my brother.  Finally, around 11:30 she fell asleep in my arms.  We crept downstairs and laid down on the air mattress next to Mr. Soup.  Sleeping in chunks of an hour or two, the evening finally passed.

The boys got up and out on the drizzly, stormy morning before the sun was up.  The ladies got to sleep in a little bit later and then went out to breakfast.  It was great spending time with my mother and my mother-in-law.  Sharing food with Baby Soup (she loves English Muffins now, eggs and gravy.  Will not touch hashbrowns) and planning Christmas.  Grumpy baby hit us quickly though, ruining the rest of our plans.  Instead of going to church, Baby Soup and I were dropped off at home to try and nap.

My normally happy go lucky child was replaced by something that can only be described as a hellion.  She was not happy with anything.  It was so draining.  I have renewed sympathy for my poor husband.  Thankfully she doesn’t do that often, but it made the weekend very draining.

The boys did catch 2 fish though!  Well, technically they caught 4.  My husband caught one, but didn’t land it.  Another one he caught was the wrong species, so had to release it.  Then my dad caught and landed one and my brother caught and landed another.

That right there is about 40 lbs of fish.  40 lbs of delicious, fresh Oregon salmon.

And for a size comparison:

The fish are bigger than Baby Soup!

We did have one great breakthrough though.  Baby Soup has made her first animal sound on purpose.  Amusingly enough, it is not a cat or a dog sound.

It’s a monkey.

I wish I had video…because it is hilarious.  But here is a face instead.

How was your weekends?  And alternatively, what is your favorite salmon recipe?  Since we have 10 lbs of salmon in our freezer now….

Through the Lens Thursday – Camping

30 Jul

Over the second weekend in July we went down to Southern Oregon to meet up with my sister and her family.  They live in Arizona, so we only see them once or twice a year if we are lucky.  I miss them so much and revel in every moment we get to spend time with them.

As a family, we are not the tent camping type of people.  My father was attacked by a bear in his tent with his brother and sister as a child, and so has always had a fear of tent camping.  So this is how we ride:

At least, my parents do.  And we camp on their floor.  It’s wonderful, especially with a young baby.  I love it!

We also had a chance to take some fun photos, Mr. Soup and I.  Here is a look through our lens!

My neice prepping her fishing line.

Beautiful Oregon forest and river.

Beautiful Oregon forest and river.

Hi Baby!

Hi Baby!



The shadow is natural.  I could not get it lighter without making it look horrible.  It almost looks as if Mr. Soup is about ready to fight some dark creature barehanded while holding Baby Soup.  I love it.

My nephew prepping his fly rod.

My nephew prepping his fly rod.

Quiet time with Daddy.

Quiet time with Daddy.

and one more for today:

The Lone Fisherman.

The Lone Fisherman.

Wordless Wednesday – River

29 Jul

My nephew fly fishing

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For more on the river, stay tuned to tomorrow!