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You Capture – Autumn

28 Oct

This week was a great chance to test out my new camera.  And the “nifty fifty”.  Ohhhhh the bokeh.  Creamy creamy bokeh.  I’d never shot anything that could drop to anything less than an f4.5 so the f1.8….glorious!  And running on all manual mode (SO MUCH EASIER ON CANONS) was fun too!


The lush green fields that follow


Brightly colored leaves on the trees


And brightly colored leaves on the ground


Tangled naked branches


Fallen acorns


And pigtails with coats.


What is in your autumn?


You Capture – Outside

26 Aug

This past weekend I was up in Seattle for Leah’s Go{4}Pro Workshop and it was phenomenal.  Just so amazing and inspiring!  It also just so happened to be the perfect place to get my You Capture images for the week!  With no further ado, I give you Seattle – Outside.

The View

The view from the apartment we were staying at.  Doesn’t that rooftop look so relaxing?

The Gum Wall

The infamous gum wall!

Colorful Peppers

These peppers looked SO delicious.


This lily photo was taken with the backdrop of the tent.  Looks like a studio shot, huh?


OMG LEAH!  LOOK OVER HERE!  LEAH LEAH LEAH!  We paparazzi’d Leah and her fantastic husband Taylor.  It was a blast!

Space Needle

And you can’t visit Seattle without taking at least ONE photo of the Space Needle!


For more outside photos, visit Beth!

Wordless Wednesday – Random

12 May

Portland Industrial 28

Fire Hydrent

Portland Industrial 01

Some pictures taken last September

You Capture – Spring

29 Apr



Baby Soup LOVES outside.

Outside is Awesome

Would stay outside all day if she could.

So Happy

Her eyes just light up if she is outside.


Just like my eyes light up when I see the orchards start to turn green and the pretty spring light makes them glow.

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