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Souvenir Foto School – Week 02

17 Nov

SFS Food Week 02

I’ve realized that so far, my two weeks have given a message as well as yummy food.  Last week, the message on my Starbucks said “Stories are Gifts – Share”.  This week, the message is Lighten Up!

I can deal with that!

What hidden messages have you found?

Alphabet Completed!

5 Oct

I did it! My alphabet:

SFS - Alphabet Cover

Alphabet Mosaic

THANK YOU Miss B and the rest of the Souvenir Foto School for inspiring me and helping in so many ways!  You are all lovely and fantastic!!

You Capture – Your Choice

16 Sep


I thought for this You Capture, I would update with the alphabet project I’m doing for Souvenir Foto School!


(Text will be Going, Going, Gone…)



To see more of what others are doing, visit Beth!

Spring is here

30 Apr

Earlier in the year, I participated in a photo challenge.  It was more of a way to look at things differently.  To stretch your eye.

The topic was to pick something that would be growing and changing over 6 weeks and photograph it.  To capture the time frame of the growing thing.

I chose this plant that grows out by our greenhouse to watch it change.  Of course, I managed to choose the one plant that didn’t blossom during those 6 weeks:

Souvenir Foto School::Week 01

Souvenir Foto School::Week 02

Souvenir Foto School::Week 03b

Souvenir Foto School::Week 04

Souvenior Foto :: Week 05

Souvenir Foto :: Week 06

But then, finally, Spring arrived.  We have blossoms!

Spring is Here!

I am so happy!  So very happy.  So thank you, Miss B, for being inspiring.  And helping me look at this lonely little plant more than I ever had before!