Small Style :: Layers Upon Layers

19 Apr

My daughter’s style makes me happy. She knows what she likes (Pink! Sparkly! Dresses!) and will only wear those things. Sometimes she will find something that she loves too (her black boots are a hit because they “look like mommy’s”) but most of the time it must be one of those three things.

Last night, we all got to sleep around 8 which was wonderful since all three of us were tired. The unfortunate thing with that is that she woke up early. Most weekday mornings, she doesn’t wake up until we get to the babysitter’s house. Today though, she snuck into the bathroom while I was showering. Her hand over her eyes to keep the light out of it, she turned off the fan (“too loud, momma!”) and asked if we were going to the new house now.

After explaining to her again that it was still several sleeps until we would be going to the new house, I convinced her to go pick out what she wanted to wear for today.

I get out of the shower to find her with piles of clothes laying around her as she is sorting through everything.

She found what she wanted to wear.

Forgive the dramatic forhead pose. And the messy pantry behind her. Let’s concentrate on the outfit my darling baby girl picked out.

Pink Dora Dress.
Pink Butterfly Skirt.
Pink Plaid Sparkly Pants.
Pink Sparkly Shoes.

She is set for the day!

For the day, she added on a pink zip up sweatshirt.

With her Baby Bunny and Balloons, checking before she crosses the street.

She was styling!

Oh, and she picked out my clothes too. Rocking my styling pink heels today!

This was the reaction when I asked her if I could bring other shoes in to work today:

Needless to say, I am still wearing those shoes!

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One Response to “Small Style :: Layers Upon Layers”

  1. Alice April 19, 2012 at 9:04 pm #

    hahaha! i love your shoes – they are pretty! i can’t believe how much she’s grown! and i love her curls 🙂

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