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iHeart Faces – Soft and Sweet

2 May

Come Here You!

Soft focus but such a sweet shot. I love how sweet my daughter is!

iHeart Faces – Wind

18 Apr

On days that I’m at home and the weather is nice, Avi and I like to walk to go get the mail. It’s always a fun walk since there is a wetlands between our apartment building and the rest of the complex. There are always ducks and usually a pair of geese swimming around. We sit and watch them for a bit before continuing on. After we get the mail, we stop by the office to visit “the ladies” and get a cookie. Avi adores the girls that work in the office and they always love to see her too. Then on the way home, we usually stop for a bit at the little park.

It takes no more than half an hour out of my day and brings so much joy to us both.


This little girl is the reason for so many of the things I do.

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iHeart Faces – Best Face From March

4 Apr


The cheeks!  The toes! The happiness!  Hard not to love this image!

iHeart Faces – Slice of Life

27 Mar

Knocked Out by a Boob
Back in November,we were almost weaned. Only a little snack when I got home from work and a bit at night before bed. That all changed in a 24 hour span of time. Things are much better but life is still crazy. We had a scare last weekend, but again, things have gotten better again.

Still, it’s no wonder that weaning has become an almost impossible thought at this time. Who knows when it will happen. I’m okay with that, because we’ve set up boundaries.  My supply is stable enough that I can be gone for a night and not need to pump.  In fact, when I went to Vegas, I only needed to pump twice. It’s refreshing to have that freedom. And still too, I love the connection I have with her. Especially now that I can say no and she gets over it. We can have a discussion. I can ask her to stop crying because I can’t understand her when she’s whining and it works.

We don’t have a date to fully wean her.  Especially since life is still so crazy. But like everything else that has happened we know that it will happen when it happens. She weaned herself from her pacifier, her bottle and her sippy cup (she uses a sippy when we are out or traveling, but otherwise loves drinking out of a big girl cup). I have no doubt that she will wean herself from me as well as potty training herself. I have faith in my beautiful, amazing daughter growing up. And until that point, I’m going to enjoy the bond we share.

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iHeart Faces – Sun Flare

14 Mar


An oldy, but goody.  I can’t believe how low down I got!  I was about 6 months pregnant with Avi….

Still remains one of my favorite shoots, even though I had no idea what I was doing, didn’t know that this was called a sun flare or how to get it (just that I loved it), my camera was on Auto and had no clue about aperture, shutter speed or iso.

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