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iHeart Faces – Best From January

31 Jan



Being able to capture a moment of reality.  A moment of truth is glorious.  It’s easy to see why some cultures thought of photography as taboo for fear of having their souls captured.  I think a piece of it is captured in a good photo.

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Wuv, Twu Wuv :: Forest Grove, Oregon Engagement Photographer

18 Jan

This couple was so much fun to shoot.  It helps that they are my cousin and her fiance, but that only contributed to my knowing them, not the joy from this day.

We had SO much fun! I wish I could shoot them every day!


Her dad is a retired firefighter, which means we had to play at the fire department!  They were up for anything!

Blonde Moment

And one last one, my favorite from the whole day:
Romantic in Oregon

Thank you, Megan and Ethan for being such amazing models and being so much in love!  I cannot wait to meet with you on Sunday to show you the rest!

You Capture – Faces

7 Oct


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Wordless Wednesday – Wedding Edition

30 Sep






Think he'd notice if I stole his camera?

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Life In Focus

16 Jul

So, I haven’t had a chance to edit photos this past week and a half (doing the photo shoot editing took time away from my own personal editing) which means that I don’t really have any new ones. Which means I couldn’t do the You Capture post for today, which makes me sad. I had some good shapes found!

But! I found out about Life In Focus from Katie at A Little Crazy & A Lot of Love.  A way to take a little glimpse into each others lives.

I thought I would share some older photos.

First up, what is technically my very first photo shoot, but for myself, not to give to anyone else.  Kind of.  So I guess I lied with that past post, but that’s okay.  I didn’t know what I was doing with the camera so had everything on Auto.  Now I’ve read the manual and know how to work the different settings, even if I haven’t gotten them all figured out.  This is my beautiful niece and her husband.





And then, to share a bit more of my life, here are some photos taken for Baby Soup’s 3 month birthday.  They were taken by the incredible and amazing Katie of KBV Photography.

Babies are made for eating

Babies are made for eating


Four Generations

Four Generations


So I know the last half of those photos don’t fit with the theme, as I didn’t take them…but I also wanted to give a preview of whats to come, as on Sunday we are having 6 month photos taken by Katie again and I am very excited.