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Baby On Board!

4 Oct

One of my first official “I’m taking my camera, grabbing some people with the sole purpose of taking pictures” moments was with my beautiful niece and her husband almost exactly 2 years ago. I was 7 months pregnant and instead of nesting, I had the strongest urge to make beautiful images.


So I did! They even traveled up from Salem (an hours drive) just to indulge me. They were so cute and fantastic and it was pretty much what started my belief in myself and got me doing a ton of research. My education rose in leaps and bounds from that day!  Back then, I didn’t know anything about aperture or depth of field or anything.  My camera was completely on auto.

Fast forward and now, she is the one that’s pregnant! And I did the traveling this time, to capture some beautiful shots of them.

I cannot wait to meet their little girl!

View From Above


True Love!

Aren’t they just adorable?

My Fairy Princess

14 Jun

Forgive the massive amount of photos to follow.  We had a little photo shoot this weekend, while daddy was taking a break and a bath.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Serious Fairy Princess

Someone was not happy starting out….but as soon as we got outside, she perked right up!

Fairy Princess

Fairy Princess

Fairy Princess

Fairy Princess

Fairy Princess

Fairy Princess

Fairy Princess

Fairy Princess

Fairy Princess

I had so much fun. My daughter looked gorgeous, the lighting was fabulous and I just felt it. It was perfect. There are so many of these that I just love and I had a great time testing out some new amazing actions and tweaks to play around to get the look I wanted.

This one, though….this one is my favorite.

Fairy Princess

I hope you had a wonderful weekend too!

You Capture – Best Shot

3 Jun

Sepia Red Spears

And calm morning.  The rain let up just enough to capture some of the beautiful flowers that have blossomed.  Once again, at peace with the world.

For more best shots, visit Beth.

You Capture – Yellow

13 May


I knew exactly what I wanted to do for You Capture this week. Finally, yesterday, the sun allowed me to do what was in my head.
Bits from my drive home, the yellow version:

15 miles MAX
Yellow Stripes

Splash of Yellow

Dead End

Yellow Flowers and Yellow Mailbox

Forgotten Newspaper Boxes
For more yellow,visit Beth.

Spring is here

30 Apr

Earlier in the year, I participated in a photo challenge.  It was more of a way to look at things differently.  To stretch your eye.

The topic was to pick something that would be growing and changing over 6 weeks and photograph it.  To capture the time frame of the growing thing.

I chose this plant that grows out by our greenhouse to watch it change.  Of course, I managed to choose the one plant that didn’t blossom during those 6 weeks:

Souvenir Foto School::Week 01

Souvenir Foto School::Week 02

Souvenir Foto School::Week 03b

Souvenir Foto School::Week 04

Souvenior Foto :: Week 05

Souvenir Foto :: Week 06

But then, finally, Spring arrived.  We have blossoms!

Spring is Here!

I am so happy!  So very happy.  So thank you, Miss B, for being inspiring.  And helping me look at this lonely little plant more than I ever had before!