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Wordless Wednesday – Baby Pedicures

9 Mar

Baby Pedicure

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You Capture – Peace

20 Aug



A peaceful morning, dew on the ground.

A dog hiding in the grass.

A wet puppy smiling up at you, not fighting with her brother or wandering off.

And baby toes peeking through a blanket.  Peaceful.


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You Capture – Photographer’s Choice

2 Jul

This week was great!  I bet you can’t guess what my choice will be.

If you guessed my daughter, you are right!  Shocking, I know.

This past weekend we traveled out to Eastern Oregon for an International Order of the Rainbow for Girls event.  (If you’ve already read it, check it out again, because I finally got some pictures up…..they are horrible since it was so dark and I didn’t take them….but there ya go.)

While there, Baby Soup discovered a new toy.  Normally we use cloth diapers and love them.  This weekend was going to be just long enough that we didn’t have enough to last without doing laundry and I did not want to have to try and find a laundromat.  So we bought some disposables.  Without the extra padding in the front, she was soon playing further down her legs than she had ever been able to reach before.

Once she discovered that she could reach her ankles, she got very excited!

She then spent the rest of the time with her foot in her mouth.

She got so excited….that her leg would end up popping out of her mouth.  So her Nana gave her a hand.

Which made her very excited.

Look Ma, no hands!

Look Ma, no hands!

And finally, she was content.  She was in the right position and got her big toe just right.

She was in heaven.

Sublime Heaven

Sublime Heaven


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