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You Capture – Halloween

4 Nov

The pirate princess, complete with scar and monkey (in the basket) proceeded to discover this thing called “Trick or Treating”

Pirate Princess

Not finding any houses with the note on our side of the apartments, so we went to explore the other side.  Her walk here just KILLS me.

Pirate Princess

The hips.  The hand.  The whole arm in fact.  Just kills me!

She LOVED being able to knock on doors.  And did really good too!  Only had to help her a couple times.

Pirate Princess

There were the perfect amount of houses to trick or treat at.  The right amount of time.  The right amount of candy.

Pirate Princess

It was so much fun!  Can’t wait for next year!  Find more Halloween (and Silence) photos at Beth’s.


Happy Halloween!

1 Nov

Pirate Princess

I took some cute pictures with my real camera, I promise!  This will have to do for now.  My pirate daughter had a BLAST.  She loved the part where people opened doors when she knocked.  And the candy part too.  Especially when they let her take multiple handfulls.  She also really liked carrying around a basket.  Because she is my girly girl and loves purses of any kind.

Got the right amount of candy (for us, mostly) and are pleased with the evening.

How was your Halloween?


2 Nov

One last hug.  A kiss on the cheek.  Leaving my little monkey at the campground with her grandparents and crazy Uncle Rick and Aunt Candy.  The first night away.  A party to go to.  Fun to be had.  Alcohol to drink (first time in over a year).

The Green Fairy (my cousin) and a Gorgon (aka Medusa - pipe cleaner snakes in my hair)

Worth it?  Oh yeah.  Beer Pong, quotes, jokes, Voodoo Doughnuts, jello shots, laughter, party crasher.  The Wolf Pack of One.

A great night.

But I missed this.

I missed this very very much.

No Words on Friday

30 Oct

I thought about posting some more fall photos.  Then thought about expounding on the joys of Halloween and the candy and costumes.  Also thought of describing my Halloween costume for the party tomorrow.  Or maybe discussing the fact that this will be the first time Mr. Soup and I will be going to a Halloween party in our 5 years of being together and how it will also be the first evening we spend away from Baby Soup.

But I couldn’t get it to form into an actual post.

So since words are failing me today, I give you a story in pictures:

Grandpa! 01

Grandpa! 02

Grandpa! 03

Grandpa! 04

Grandpa! 05

Grandpa! 06

Have a fantastic and safe Halloween!  I expect to come back to see lots of pictures of costumes.  I will be sharing ours on Monday as well!