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Wordless Wednesday – Decorating With Baby

29 Sep

Baby in a Basket

Where would you decorate with a baby?


23 Aug

Wow, this weekend was a WHIRLWIND!

I traveled to Seattle to help the lovely Leah with her Go4Pro Photography “Building the Biz” workshop. It was phenominal! All of the girls (and Taylor, Leah’s husband too, of course) were so amazing and we got some great tips, great things done, awesome networking and just had such a wonderful time. I cannot wait to edit my images and get some up to share! More than that, I’ve decided more and more I want to work on my photography business. I can do this. I am worth this.

It is time.

Wordless Wednesday – Business Cards!

21 Jul

Business Cards!

Horrible picture…and the cards are definitely not the final version….while I play around with them, I printed out some to have with me, but I love the color scheme.  Love love love!  Don’t know why they are showing up as different creams in the background….but they are all the same colorwise.

My First Photo Shoot!

13 Jul

Last Monday I traveled up north to Washington to shoot my friend’s newborn.

No, not with a gun silly!  With a camera!

As my dad had taken his Nikon D60 with him camping (the meanie head) I used my Fuji S5200 instead.  Not as awesome as the DSLR but not as simple as a Point-and-Shoot.

We had fun!

Isabelle was a doll, sleeping most of the time and we got some (I think so anyways) great shots.  Here are a few of my favorites!










To see all the photos, visit http://alifecondensed.shutterfly.com/.  And please!  Let me know what you think!  I want the good, the bad, the ugly.