Hard Days

24 Apr

We move on Saturday.

Four days left.

Tonight, I’m suppose to be packing. Instead, I’m eating ice cream, watching Castle and drinking a glass of wine.

It’s been a rough day. Random things throughout the day, layer upon layer just being crappy.

Including learning that the book I preordered a while ago (the amazing Elizabeth Messina’s The Luminous Portrait) was going to be delivered next week….and if I changed the address so it would arrive to the new address, it would take even longer. So I canceled the order, figuring I’d just get it at Barnes and Noble on the way home. Yeah, Receiving didn’t even know which box they were in.

It helped. That I discovered she did the cover to Portland Bride & Groom. So I got to enjoy her images anyway!

Bookstore failed at getting @elizabethmessina 's book on its shelf so I have to wait, but pleasantly surprised to see her photo on the cover of Portland Bride & Groom!

Add into it the joy of being a woman and light food poisoning from the chili at Sweet Tomatoes, and I’m done.

So I’m taking a day off. Breathing and enjoying my daughter being in a good mood tonight, watching Dragon Tales quietly in her Minnie Mouse dress. The sounds of Ryan watching TV in the bedroom. Remembering the blessings I have in my life.

A great post by the amazing Kristen Kalp gives me permission!

I’ll see you tomorrow…when I’m in a better mood…

One Response to “Hard Days”

  1. Miss B. June 13, 2012 at 1:39 pm #

    Ah, I hope the move went swell (totally is no fun!) I WANT that book! I keep looking at the preview at Amazon and hoping the used price will go down. We are on a budge so if the hubs see’s a package from Amazon, uh-oh;)

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