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Mother’s Day

11 May

My Mother’s Day was perfect.  Woken up by a happy snuggly baby and hubby, reading in bed and then fresh cooked bacon, hash browns and eggs eaten in bed with the family.  Then a couple more hours of just wonderful reading before a nap with Baby Soup.

Woke up again and took a shower before joining the rest of my family over at my parent’s house.  Delicious burgers, great salsa, fantastic conversation.  Delightful day full of love.

Made it very difficult to leave this yesterday morning:

Snuggly Family Bed

Throughout the day though, my heart had moments of heaviness.  For those families and women that will never be able to have this great day.  Last year, I made several memory boxes for the local hospital in honor of Mother’s Day.  As Mother’s Day came closer, I called the hospital to see if they needed any.

They still had two left.  I’d like to think that they haven’t had any child loss, not that they haven’t shared them with the families.

But if you’ve had a loss, know that my thoughts, prayers and love are with you.  Wherever you are, whenever it happened, whoever you are – you are loved and not alone.

My Mother’s Day Gift – for others

11 May

My Mother’s Day was wonderful.  I got woken up by this:

Snuggly and Sleepy Baby

She came along with fresh, still warm from the oven blueberry muffins and tea.  I then got to sit in bed, with the sleeping baby on my chest and read for about 2 hours.

We then went over to my parent’s house to have a glorious lunch with my parents, husband’s mom, older brother and his wife and 2 kids.  There were 5 dogs there.  It was madness.  And wonderful.  Delicious salmon BBQ’d by my dad and chocolate cake made by my nephews.

But the best part this year?  Making these:

They are nothing super special or anything.  But they were made with lots and lots of love.  I just wish I had found more boxes at Goodwill the day I went searching to have made some more.  But I will be keeping my eyes open.

I made these boxes to donate to the hospital I gave birth at for their bereavement cart.  To be given to families that lose their children so soon after meeting them.

Dropping them off at the hospital was a heartwarming experience, especially since I was able to let them know about Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep.  They didn’t know anything about it, so being able to pass on that information to parents that need/want it was wonderful.

I also placed a note in them, along with a poem, saying who they were in honor for.

Thank you to Dallas Ann for Marshall and Lillian, Beth for James and Jake, DD for Vivienne, and everyone else I’ve read about for being my inspiration and opening my eyes.

Thank you for helping me remember how blessed I am and truly love each and every day I have to spend with my little Baby Soup.  Your losses have been heartbreaking but by sharing them with the world, you have brought knowledge to so many.

I hope your Mother’s Day were all wonderful and as blessed as mine was.

Mother’s Day

24 Apr

My first “real” Mother’s Day is coming up and I’m excited!  Not because of anything I’m getting, but because of the reason for the day.

I’m a mother!  I have a beautiful daughter and am so blessed!

In honor of Mother’s Day as well, I want to start a new tradition in my house.  I am looking at creating memory boxes to give to the hospital my daughter was born in for those mothers who lose their children so soon after meeting them.

I’m hoping that this small token will help someone on the darkest day of their life, even if just to say a stranger was thinking and praying for them.

And then will come home and hopefully have a yummy dinner made by my delicious husband and maybe even convince him to pull out the massage table for a real massage.  Picking a massage therapist (even a “retired” one) was the best idea ever!

Daddy Loves

Daddy Loves