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Wuv, Twu Wuv :: Forest Grove, Oregon Engagement Photographer

18 Jan

This couple was so much fun to shoot.  It helps that they are my cousin and her fiance, but that only contributed to my knowing them, not the joy from this day.

We had SO much fun! I wish I could shoot them every day!


Her dad is a retired firefighter, which means we had to play at the fire department!  They were up for anything!

Blonde Moment

And one last one, my favorite from the whole day:
Romantic in Oregon

Thank you, Megan and Ethan for being such amazing models and being so much in love!  I cannot wait to meet with you on Sunday to show you the rest!

A Great Aunt :: Salem, Oregon Newborn Photographer

11 Jan

Back in October, I reintroduced you to my niece, who along with her husband were pregnant!


Well, they had a beautiful baby girl, about 30 minutes after my husband had his stroke.  So I didn’t get to go down that Saturday like I had planned.  But I did get to visit her on Christmas Eve!  The lights were bright, the presents were wrapped, it was a perfect day.

Mother's Love

First Christmas Tree

An Amazing Great Grandmother

Baby On Board!

4 Oct

One of my first official “I’m taking my camera, grabbing some people with the sole purpose of taking pictures” moments was with my beautiful niece and her husband almost exactly 2 years ago. I was 7 months pregnant and instead of nesting, I had the strongest urge to make beautiful images.


So I did! They even traveled up from Salem (an hours drive) just to indulge me. They were so cute and fantastic and it was pretty much what started my belief in myself and got me doing a ton of research. My education rose in leaps and bounds from that day!  Back then, I didn’t know anything about aperture or depth of field or anything.  My camera was completely on auto.

Fast forward and now, she is the one that’s pregnant! And I did the traveling this time, to capture some beautiful shots of them.

I cannot wait to meet their little girl!

View From Above


True Love!

Aren’t they just adorable?

Wordless Wednesday – Decorating With Baby

29 Sep

Baby in a Basket

Where would you decorate with a baby?