Hangover Morning

9 Oct

I woke up this morning and realized I had had a dream about ice cream. Drat.

I also woke up to the worst sciatica pain since I was pregnant. I feel like I’ve been run over by a truck…

But I know that this is how it goes. I’m going through the withdrawal symptoms that they warned about.

First official day of Paleo/The Whole30 lunch: nectarine. strawberries and turkey. So hard to not dive in to the cupcakes…

Dinner Day One: deconstructed huevos rancheros with no cheese and without the yucky onions that plague salsa and guacamole. #paleo #whole30 #food

Day Two Dinner: no bean chili with avocado (because I am a wuss and cant handle heat) with sweet potato fries. Only thing better would be ranch… #paleo #whole30  #campbellwhole30


I’ve realized that I really enjoy my meals pieced, like the deconstructed huevos rancheros I had on day one. Eggs, tomatos and avocado. I could mix it up as I wanted, but I enjoyed eating the pieces individually. It was yummy.

Now, just need to get past the hangover period. I’d really like to get rid of the sciatica pain too….because it makes me want to burst into tears and so far, nothing I’m getting is giving me any relief….

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