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25 May

I love helping people out.  It’s a fault of mine, actually…I will bend over backwards to help anyone I can.  Sometimes too much.  I can get really passionate about it, in fact.  Obsessive.

But sometimes, it works out!  Several months ago, someone left a horrible comment on a blog I was reading: GO{4}PRO Photography.  Here was a photographer taking time out of her busy life to help other budding photographers blossom.  The comment was about her spelling and grammar, which weren’t the best.  I quickly emailed her and offered to edit her posts for her.  People can be so mean and I wanted to balance it out by being nice, however I could.

I heard back from Leah and things started rolling right along.  I soon discovered that Leah was in Portland!  Such a sweet person who has a hugely giving attitude, I felt honored to be helping her.  When she mentioned she needed help getting her Go{4}Pro Shop up and running, I was excited to help.  In our discussions, I jokingly said she needed to hurry up and become rich and famous so she could hire me as her assistant.  As the saying goes, be careful what you wish for, because I’m now her Studio Manager!  It’s going to be a great way to help get my creative juices going on the side.

The future is bright and going well!  I feel like the sun is coming out from behind the clouds and cannot wait to see what comes.  God truly knows what He is doing!

And in honor of the shop getting up and running, Leah’s hosting a giveaway!

Tons of great prizes…if you are a photographer or aspiring or just dreaming, heck, even non-photographers can benefit if you are opening a small business yourself!  Go and enter!

Wordless Wednesday – Random

12 May

Portland Industrial 28

Fire Hydrent

Portland Industrial 01

Some pictures taken last September

Wordless Wednesday – Lost

23 Dec

Lost Shoes 02

Pulling a photo from the archives….how I’ve been feeling lately.
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A Guardian

11 Sep

North Portland has a famous person standing guard.

Paul Bunyan 03

Who might it be?

Paul Bunyan 02

Why would he guard the great city of Portland?

Paul Bunyan 11

It’s Paul Bunyan! And according to his plaque:

Paul Bunyan 05

Go Oregon. Go timber industry.

And thank you, Paul, for keeping our city safe from giant oxen and other scary creatures.

Paul Bunyan 09

You Capture – Something New

10 Sep

I was worried about this You Capture.  What was I going to do?  And then, I made plans to go with a friend into Downtown Portland to take some photos.

This was perfect!  I hadn’t been in a real city for a while.  Here I was with several hours on my hands, my dad’s Nikon D60 *in* my hands and no baby.  Such a rewarding span of time.

I took photos of trains:

Train Yard 02

Train Yard 03

Train Yard 05

Train Yard 06

Train Yard 08

The Freemont Bridge

Freemont Bridge 03

Freemont Bridge 02

And Fences:

Portland Industrial 16

Portland Industrial 21

Portland Industrial 28

Portland Industrial 29

Portland Industrial 32

Overall, a very successful trip.

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