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Wordless Wednesday – Sunny Face

20 Apr


Another shot from our walk the other day.  helllooooo sunshine!

iHeart Faces – Best Face From March

4 Apr


The cheeks!  The toes! The happiness!  Hard not to love this image!

Dreamy Photographer Inspiration – Elizabeth Messina

28 Mar

This morning, I’m spreading my Inspiration LOVE over at my photography blog.

Seriously, you should check it out and be ready to be INSPIRED!

She is so amazing!

She Shoots…

17 Mar

She Scores!

I’ve been so busy lately!

I created a poster.

Cleaned house (and kept it up!)

Done lots of things for my Photog’s Helper site.

Finished editing a gorgeous session for my cousin.

Oh yeah, and am part of an amazing giveaway!

I’m feeling good.  🙂

iHeart Faces – Best From January

31 Jan



Being able to capture a moment of reality.  A moment of truth is glorious.  It’s easy to see why some cultures thought of photography as taboo for fear of having their souls captured.  I think a piece of it is captured in a good photo.

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