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Wordless Wednesday – Model

6 Oct


Wordless Wednesday – Models

26 Aug

My cousin came over this weekend to visit, and I stole her for pictures…

And some of my favorite model:

Lonely Baby

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Life In Focus

16 Jul

So, I haven’t had a chance to edit photos this past week and a half (doing the photo shoot editing took time away from my own personal editing) which means that I don’t really have any new ones. Which means I couldn’t do the You Capture post for today, which makes me sad. I had some good shapes found!

But! I found out about Life In Focus from Katie at A Little Crazy & A Lot of Love.  A way to take a little glimpse into each others lives.

I thought I would share some older photos.

First up, what is technically my very first photo shoot, but for myself, not to give to anyone else.  Kind of.  So I guess I lied with that past post, but that’s okay.  I didn’t know what I was doing with the camera so had everything on Auto.  Now I’ve read the manual and know how to work the different settings, even if I haven’t gotten them all figured out.  This is my beautiful niece and her husband.





And then, to share a bit more of my life, here are some photos taken for Baby Soup’s 3 month birthday.  They were taken by the incredible and amazing Katie of KBV Photography.

Babies are made for eating

Babies are made for eating


Four Generations

Four Generations


So I know the last half of those photos don’t fit with the theme, as I didn’t take them…but I also wanted to give a preview of whats to come, as on Sunday we are having 6 month photos taken by Katie again and I am very excited.