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Wordless Wednesday – Business Cards!

21 Jul

Business Cards!

Horrible picture…and the cards are definitely not the final version….while I play around with them, I printed out some to have with me, but I love the color scheme.  Love love love!  Don’t know why they are showing up as different creams in the background….but they are all the same colorwise.

You Capture – Comfort

8 Apr


This is going to be a little different than usual….


I find comfort in patterns.


My computer must be opened with the same patterns.  I find comfort in knowing which windows will be located where.  Not having to think as I move my mouse to click the window I want.


Every morning at work, I have my set pattern.  I put my purse and coat on my desk, grab my water bottle and go back to the break room.  I start my toast (bread or english muffin…sometimes a bagel) and fill the water bottle – three pieces of ice and to the top with water.

My lunch has a similar set pattern.


Each week has a comfort pattern too.  Which days I spend visiting family for dinners and which ones get to be spent at home.


The comfort I find in living with these patterns helps assault the randomness that come with life.  It’s my zone.  My shield.

Without the patterns, life can crumble.

I don’t mind change.  As long as I know it’s coming.

For more comfort (most of which is far less depressing than mine) visit the lovely Keli for the last week of You Capture there before it returns to Beth.

You Capture – Reaching

18 Mar

I’ll be finishing the Head, Shoulder, Knees and Toes Love Letter tomorrow…

But until then, reaching.

I feel like I’m reaching sometimes.  Reaching for someone to hold me.  Reaching for a goal in my life.  Reaching for a purpose.

And then I remember.

I am me.  I am here.  I am AWESOME.

So Much Love!

And even though I feel down at times….I can do it.  I can be incredible.  I can do a job I don’t love to make time to spend with those I do.

Black Eye

Suddenly, I don’t feel like I have to reach nearly as far.

Even without a computer until it arrives….I still can do it.

You Capture – Work

11 Feb

This is what has kept me occupied for the last week:



Mail Time


Posting Mail


Is it Saturday yet?

For more You Capture, visit Beth.


21 Jan

Very few of us are strangers to lack of funds.  At one point or another, almost everyone has had a moment of wondering if there will be enough money in the bank account for groceries or bills.

We’re currently going through that moment.  And it sucks.

We live a very frugal lifestyle.  Simple meals.  No cable tv.  Dial-up internet.  Haven’t bought any new clothes in….longer than needed.

As most readers will know, I am the sole provider at this point and we make enough to scrape by.  Every time we are able to finally get a bit into savings, there ends up being something that causes us to have to pull it out again.

We’ve been so blessed that we’ve had that money when we’ve needed it.  But having the 3 months of expenses people say is a pipe dream. Especially when these things keep happening.

When we decided to try the Stay-at-Home parent thing, we cut down everything we could.  We even moved to a cheaper place when Baby Soup was about 6 months old that fits us better.

We heat with a wood stove but our thermostat still turns on when it gets below 50 degrees.  This winter has been fairly tough, so when I opened our most recent electric bill, my heart dropped.  It had doubled from the month before.

Even pulling the money we had managed to save isn’t enough.  Thank the Lord we rent from friends, so we are going to be able to pay our rent half now and half after my next paycheck.  But still, I’m an adult.  We are grown-ups.  We should be able to pay our bills!

As the great and fabulous Ramit of I Will Teach You To Be Rich teaches, it’s not all about cutting costs.  You have to figure out how to earn more on the side as well.  I’ve been slowly been trying to get ready to do that.  I’ve created a website with a portfolio to do design and photography work  and will move this blog over to that side fairly soon, as soon as I’m done designing the blog part.  I have a photography session scheduled for March with my cousin, and two more with her since she is pregnant again!  Hoping to also do a session with my friend’s baby that will be born anytime now (her water broke this morning!).  And I’ve landed my first wedding session as well.

But it all takes time.  And energy.  And I can only do so much.

So we’ve decided.

Mr. Soup will be trying to find a part time job.  My fabulous and amazing dad has agreed to watch Baby Soup a couple days a week so we don’t have to pay a babysitter.

It will be hard.  It will be difficult.  But we can do this.  We’ve been through hard times before and always succeeded.

I can’t help but feel like a bit of a failure though….it’s my job to provide for the family, and I can’t do it all.


So to get my mind off this, tell me.  What is your best horrible joke?  You know the ones I mean.  Those terrible jokes that as soon as you start everyone groans, but when it’s done laughter is all around.

I’ll start (and I’m better at typing jokes than telling them….).

What are the two sexiest animals on the farm?


Answer is in the comments.