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Reminder for Me

26 Apr

I am awesome.

I am strong.

I am powerful.

I am amazing.

I have worth.

ReminderIf I say it often enough, it’ll come true, right?

Wordless Wednesday – Me

13 Apr


Perfect No Longer

25 Oct

Now, contrary to popular belief, I am not perfect.  (I KNOW!  That just SHOCKS you, right?)  Seriously though, I’m the furthest thing from perfect.  But in one thing, I was.

Notice I say was.

I’ve had glasses since I was 7.  Then, the summer after I turned 10, I got contacts.  I have horrible sight.  My eyes were changing so quickly that I went through a good 3-4 prescriptions a year.  The contacts that I got were hard lenses.  These are significantly smaller than the soft lenses that are normally used.  Also a ton more expensive, because you don’t change them out.  They also have a possibility of slowing eye changes if you are young enough.  I was lucky.  My eyes have managed to slow down significantly.  I went several years without needing to change my prescription.

For 18 years, I’ve had contacts.  And until last night, I had never lost one.  Ever.  I found one in a grass field when I was about 12.  Got a contact stuck in my eye, rolled around towards the back and then got the plunger I had to use to get my hard contacts out stuck on my eye after that.

Not fun.

But by and golly, I never lost one.

Until last night.  When my lovely daughter decided to come into the bathroom to watch me get ready for bed and started trying to put things into the toilet.  This distraction was enough for the lens to drop.  And no matter how hard my husband and I (and baby too) looked, we haven’t found it.

So my 18 year record of perfection is RUINED!

Granted, now I have soft lenses so it isn’t as financial of an issue.  Except for when you’ve moved since you’ve opened a package last.  And you can’t find the packages.  The 20 or so lenses that I have are SOMEWHERE IN MY HOUSE.  BUT I DON’T KNOW WHERE!

So today?  A rainy dreary Monday after a long and exhausting weekend…..and I have to wear my glasses.

Four Eyes

Happy Monday!

Do you have any perfection in your life?

Wordless Wednesday – Cheeky

22 Sep


And bonus…a self portrait of me I don’t loathe!

You Capture – You

6 Aug


This week’s You Capture was to do self portraits.  I really don’t like photos of myself…I end up critiquing myself far harder than if I see myself in the mirror or when I don’t look at myself at all.  Possibly because I think that I take a horrible photo.

But that is not the point!

I took these photos earlier in the week and I sure am glad I did, since the whole water issue has pushed me away from my computer, making it impossible to edit photos.

And yes, you’ll have to deal with the Baby Soup in the picture too.  Sorry!


Do You Hear What I Hear

"Do You Hear What I Hear"

Mmmmm Nose...

"Mmmmm Nose..."

I dont know WHERE she gets her cannibalistic tendancies...

I don't know WHERE she gets her cannibalistic tendencies...

Dont Leave Me!

"Don't Leave Me!"

So there you go.  There is me.  With Baby, but still me.  No makeup, no hair done, no real clothing put on.

The real me.

I hope I haven’t scared you off….

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