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Weekend Riding

2 Feb

Apparently I’m not awesome enough to be able to embed videos in my blog….but go here to see some CUTE attempts of Baby Soup trying to play the Penny Whistle.  She’s pretty flippin good too!

Playing the Whistle, part 1.

Playing the Whistler, part 2.

One of the several naps Baby Soup took.  Her buddy Darius crawled up to take a nap with her.

Best Friends

Saturday we were blessed with BEAUTIFUL weather and I was so glad to get on the back of Pablo again.  We visited the neighbors, a herd of miniature horses.


Anything is cuter if it is in mini size!

Mini Kisses


My friend’s land is right next to acres and acres of logging forests.  So many trails made by deer, tractors and cars makes for heavenly rides.  Especially when you exit out of a small trail filled with trees, ferns and bushes in to an open space like this:

A Ride With A View


The beautiful Brioso del Ray.  Paso Fino with STYLE.  Even if he is out of shape…the poor guy gets lathered no matter what he does.

Beautiful (and Sweaty) Brioso

After two weeks off, it was good to get him under the saddle again.  Even if we put the wrong (smaller) saddle on him.  Ooops!

So much fun though…..

Is it Friday yet?

Happy Birthday Darius!

16 Sep

Two years ago, you were born.

Your guinea pig like looks charmed us immediately and we fell in love at once.

We counted down the days until we could fly out to Indiana to pick you up.

You were visited almost daily by your soon-to-be daddy’s family and we knew you were being well loved.

You quickly started to get your puppy fluff and became even more cute.

Finally the day came.  We got to fly out and meet you in person!

Not surprisingly, we fell in love even harder.

We were sad to take you from your family, but knew you would see them again someday!  (Molly, in the middle, owned by my Mother-in-Law and Jackson, the right, by my Sister-in-Law).

Being a sheepdog, you immediately knew what to do with sheep as soon as we got you home.

Your first Christmas was jolly good fun.

I was surprised at how well you and your new Sister got along.

Well, most of the time.

You’ve grown into such a handsome dog.

Even if you need to lose a few pounds.

You LOVE your baby so much.  You’ll be her best friend in the years to come, I can just tell.

Bubba, Mr. Man, D, Fuzz Butt, Fatty McFatterson, Mister, D Man.  All these names for one guy.

Happy Birthday, Darius.  We love you so much!

My College Career – Part Two

12 Jun

When I last left you, I had just graduated with my Associates Degree from Cottey College.

I’d decided to transfer to the University of Oregon because

  • I missed the Northwest.
  • I missed my family.
  • It had what I wanted.
  • In-state tuition baby!
  • I missed the Northwest.

That spring, I packed everything up to move down south and into an apartment with a friend.  There were going to be three additional roommates.  Making 5 college girls in a three bedroom apartment with 2 bathrooms.

By the middle of summer, I had gotten a job at the local movie theater (another post on that in the future, I’m sure) and was settled in, ready to start my new college career.

I had met with my adviser and planned out the coming years.  I was ready.  My goal of becoming an animator or at least working for an animation company was on its way.

I had gotten most of my prereqs done at Cottey and so just had to do any general classes that didn’t transfer and work on my art major.  I was ready to expand.

I took printing, painting, drawing, animation and all sorts of art history.  I met tons of crazy and sane, interesting and boring, smart and dumb people.  The diversity was large and so were the classes.

But after a year and a half, I was tired.  So tired of the drama, the crap, the exhaustion.  At one point during that past year and a half, I had locked myself in the bathroom at the apartment with my roommate/friend T while another roommate’s (K) boyfriend (who was living with us and not paying rent) had stolen some drug dealer’s CDs and they came to collect.  By pounding on the windows and door.  I had also become a mediator for two of the roommate’s friendship, M and J.  M ended up moving out, but not before she called me a thief and said I stole her cheese.  I’m lactose intolerant and it was so bad back then I couldn’t eat cheese at all.

After that first year, I moved into a new house with J and her friends C and L.  We also sent out an ad for a 5th roommate to share an older five bedroom house.  This house was entertaining, because it didn’t have a single right angle anywhere in it.  In fact, we use to roll marbles from C’s room to L’s on the other end of the house for amusement.

But this situation didn’t get much better, even with the addition of

The cutest puppy in the world.

the cutest puppy in the world.

She helped me through a really difficult time and made life worth living again.  She was also a great New Years date:

New Years Kiss

New Years Kiss

But I wasn’t happy.

One day, I walked by the student center in between classes.  I don’t know why I walked by there, because I usually took a different way home, but I did.  And I saw a poster, like hundreds of other posters.  This one saying Walt Disney World was looking for interns to work the parks.  The meeting happened to be starting a couple hours later that night.  I didn’t have work.  I figured “Why not?” so went home to change into interview appropriate clothing and came back.

Throughout the meeting thing, other students stood up and said how much they loved it, blah de blah, even picking up trash (“yeah right” I remember thinking).  Those who were still interested, at the end of the speech part, could stay and be interviewed in groups of four.  I, once again, said “Why not?” and stuck around, chatting with one of the students who had done it before.

Then my turn came.  The group that I was with was like planning on going to a party with a group of friends that are less attractive than you by a significant amount.  It was like these people had never been interviewed before, which I realize now is entirely possible.  I sounded all the more intelligent because of that.  The guy asking the questions began asking them all to me first and replying with “Great answer!” or “What a brilliant comment”.  Really boosted my self-esteem, let me tell you!

Upon leaving, they told us to expect a note saying whether we were accepted and what area of the park we would be accepted into (Concessions, Clean-up, Operations (running the rides), etc.).  We wouldn’t find out what specific job we would get until arrival if we accepted.

Several weeks passed.  And then, I got a postcard in the mail.

To Be Continued…..