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Wordless Wednesday – Sunny Face

20 Apr


Another shot from our walk the other day.  helllooooo sunshine!

Wordless Wednesday – Me

13 Apr


Wordless Wednesday – Bath Time

6 Apr


This is what our baths usually consist of.  She takes a washcloth, puts it in the water and squeezes the water out of it. She also cleans the walls.  She’s her Grammy’s granddaughter for sure and loves cleaning!

This bath was special. She got to pick out a prize at the pharmacy for being such a good girl while we waited an extra long time. The prize she picked was a dinosaur egg shaped bath bomb – I think she thought it was a Cadbury Cream egg, but either way, that’s what she wanted. It turned the water green and fizzed and bubbbled while it disintegrated. Totally fun!


And in the inside, there was a little dinosaur. Which, to begin with, she thought was fun. Until she got distracted by playing with the water and it floated around for a bit and then she saw it out of the corner of her eye.


Then, she didn’t like it anymore and mommy saved the day.


It’s nice being a hero.

Wordless Wednesday – Berry of the Straw

30 Mar


Wordless Wednesday – Tired

16 Feb