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Mother’s Day

9 May

We had a very busy week last week.

Avi fell off a couch while we were playing at the hospital for Ryan’s therapy on the 29th of April. After a couple days of it still hurting her, we made an appointment last Wednesday. Three x-rays later (first one was blurry and one of the left side to compare) we discover that she has a cracked collar bone. No wonder she would whimper when it had pressure placed in the right spot. She did NOT like getting her picture taken by the x-ray machine. Two lolli pops, a nursing session and 3 stickers later, she was exhausted. We got home and slept through the whole night.

Then Friday, she went to the day care at the hospital while Ryan did his therapy and I went to get her half an hour early so we could go get her tested. Ryan has Alpha 1-antitrypsin deficiency which may have been the reason for his carotid artery dissections (that caused his stroke). (And if you want to get really depressed, following links from that and Google searches to all the things that can occur…)  So we had to draw blood from a 2 year old. Anyone that has had to go through this (or worse) with your child, I feel for you. The pain and fear and just overwhelming everything is heartbreaking. She yelled “scawy!” when she saw the needle. She screamed during the prep and really did not like the rubber band around her arm. The worst part for me? When they had the needle in and she just kept going “OW! OW! OW!” and looking at like I had betrayed her.

She did so good though. Got a sucker after that (thank goodness for Dum Dums!) and as we walked out, kept showing everyone her arm and the sucker. She is a trooper for sure!  They’ll be testing her for all types of the alpha-1 deficiency, so we can have a better idea of what to look for. I am trying not to think about it….


She still has a bruise on her arm, but is fine if you don’t mention it. The cracked collar bone seems to be healing well too, only have had a couple pain moments.

Saturday was busy busy! Got a call on Friday to see if I could attend a hiring seminar for Apple on Saturday, so got up early to go do that. I should hear sometime this week…would be nice to have something steady already lined up when I get “let go” from my current job. I’ve also been busy with The Photog’s Helper, meeting some AMAZING women photographers that are so talented and helping them grow their businesses. It’s been such a wonderful outlet for me. Hoping too to be able to announce my biggest news soon.

We went over to my MIL’s house for a birthday party for Ryan. A long trip but delicious BBQ chicken was had by all!  Avi had a blast too and it was nice to spend time with family, even if Ryan was exhausted at the end of the day. He was so tired that he thought about staying home instead of going to my parent’s for a Mother’s Day feast.

The next morning we all woke up lazily, stretching and snuggling in bed, listening to the rain outside. Ryan stayed in bed, playing his Pokemon game for several hours while Avi watched Aladdin and I got some work done. It was so nice to be able to work without a distraction and even took some time to play mindless Facebook games without feeling guilty.

Ryan called me into the room at one point to wish me a Happy Mother’s Day. He had forgotten until then, but remembered on his own. It was so wonderful.  We walked over to my brother’s apartment to all troop to my parent’s house. Delicious hamburgers, deviled eggs and two glasses of Oak Knoll Niagra wine equals a lovely afternoon. We hung out under the heater watching the rain fall while the burgers cooked.

So now, the week has started again. Who knows what this week has in store for us….


25 Apr

I hate not feeling wanted. And today, even though I have some wonderful and exciting news that I can’t share quite yet, two things happened today that crushed the happiness. I knew they were both coming. And I can’t really go into the details….but it’s disappointing. Draining. Soul crushing even.

But instead of dwelling on that, I want to focus on the happy.

The beautiful weather we had this weekend. Including on Friday when we managed to get home right before this happened:


Snuggling with a 3 month old baby and being content with having a single child.

I've Been Babied!

The AMAZING 70 degree day on Saturday and playing at the park after enjoying the Alpenrose Dairy Easter Egg hunt aftermath (we parked the car after the gun went off to start….probably about 10 minutes later it was over. If that.

Playing in the Sun

Putting makeup on to celebrate Easter:

Easter MakeupThe Easter celebration I spent with family yesterday, Ryan included. It was so wonderful seeing him interacting with the conversation. Chasing Avi around with an egg. *sigh* It was very happy.

How was your Easter?

Another Weekend Gone

11 Apr

This weekend was a good one. Ever since Ryan’s stroke, I’ve been working Mon-Wed at my outside of the house job. The good part is this means I have (technically) a four day weekend! Granted, I’m always doing other work, but I can schedule myself around the other things.

Last Wednesday was a horrible day. Health issues with my mom that were (and are) scary on top of the usual, including debt collectors for a hospital bill from November we haven’t even received yet only to discover that they hadn’t even billed insurance yet (don’t know why we fill out all that paperwork….) and so many little things. Just overwhelming.

But my community? They are amazing. I could not be doing any of this without them for sure. Thursday was quickly a much better day. Wednesday after talking to the hospital where we spent 14 hours at, I realized that we still hadn’t received a letter or bill from the rehab center. Worried about creditors, I called my main contact there and left a message. She called Thursday morning. We owed nothing. Zero. Our insurance covered every single penny of the bill for the almost 4 weeks at the rehab center.

I was shocked. Overjoyed. We now only have one large bill to deal with, for which we are setting up assistance for so we can, you know, eat while we pay it off. We will not have to go bankrupt. Won’t have to move or sell a kidney or anything. We are blessed.

We spent most of Friday like this:

Little Cook

Fruit Loop Love

Reconnecting. Bonding. Loving.

Saturday I was able to have several delicious hours to myself. Avi got to play at the Children’s Museum with her grandmas and I got to go horseback riding. My body is STILL aching in that fantastic way after a good workout. The weather was perfect. I hope to be able to go again on Thursday.
Horses in the SunThen on Sunday I got another couple of hours by myself. My dear friend Kim came over to watch the baby and I went to a coffee shop to sit down and do the writings I needed to do. It was lovely not having a two year old biting at my ankles the whole time. Then came home to prepare for a takeover – my friend brought her 14 month old over so they could have a date night.
1302480584074Let me tell you…..never again at bed time. Ever. I have so much love to you parents that have more than one! Seriously, guarantees our decision that one is the right amount for us! Course, it would probably be easier if it was a constant thing to work with, but yeah….this was crazy. And Lily is SUCH a good baby too. Overall, an interesting evening but survived.

And now, it’s Monday again. The weeks keep flying by. My cousin gets married this weekend. I’m not the photographer (thank goodness) but you can bet I’ll have my camera with me! At least, if I can make it through another week….

A Celebration

24 Jan

Yesterday was my daughter’s second birthday party.

It was owl themed and this little guy made an appearance on the digital inviation I made:

He was too cute.  My MIL made an ADORABLE owl cake and we had so much food.  Evne though I forgot the basil for the caprese salads, we still enjoyed it!  Yum!  Good food, good cake, good people, it was awesome.

I’m still editing the pictures, but wanted to share a couple videos from the weekend.

The first is Friday night dinner.  I cooked.  Like, really cooked.  I CHOPPED REAL GARLIC CLOVES, people.  This is amazing.  And the food tasted good!  A nice and light angel hair pasta with garlic and olive oil sauce.  Delicious.

While I was making the rest of the food, Ryan helped by stirring the garlic in the pan to keep it from burning.  Avi decided she need to help.

This next video is from the day of her party.  We put on some Jack Johnson while we rested before the guests started showing up.  She started rocking out.  It was fantastic.  I cannot wait to get her into some real dance lessons!  She’s already trying to copy things from TV and movies.

How was your weekend?

Lovely Weekend

27 Aug

So looking forward to this all weekend:

Sleeping Loves

Okay, MAYBE we’ll get out of bed occasionally to pack….maybe.