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Earth Mama Angel Baby

23 Feb

The beautiful and amazingly strong Mrs. Cline is incredible.  She introduced me to the products from Earth Mama Angel Baby through a giveaway during Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month.  Not only do they have amazing natural baby and mama products, they have a line of Baby Loss Comfort products.

The week of February 7-14th was Congenital Heart Disease Awareness Week.  Mrs. Cline, the self-less and amazing woman she is, held a week of giveaways.  And for every comment she received, she was going to donate .50 cents a comment to Cora’s Family, who’s precious daughter died at 5 days old of CHD.

I commented.  Not to win, but to help awareness and knowledge.  There are so many things that can take our precious angels away from us, it’s difficult to not become afraid.  I tend to use it as a reminder to live each moment to it’s fullest.  These little reminders are great wonders…as painful as they can be.

So when I discovered I won one of the giveaways, I was surprised.  When I discovered it was the Earth Mama Angel Baby one?  I was thrilled.  We have the baby wash and butt butter already and love them.

They smell so good and being completely natural is a plus.  I’m far from the “crunchy”-est but we are frugal, so cloth diapers and living out in the boonies works for us.

Another thing I love about Earth Mama Angel Baby is their packaging:

Earth Mama Angel Baby box

This company knows how to brand!

Look at this packaging!  So precious!

Earth Mama Angel Baby Lotion

Baby Soup really likes them too…

Earth Mama Angel Baby Lotion 2

She now has one of the bottles with her and carries it all over the house.

So thank you, Earth Mama Angel Baby and Mrs. Cline!  We love it!

iHeart Tooshies

30 Nov

I Heart Faces normally requires faces in their images, but this week decided to do something different and fun.  I am all for it as well!  Especially since it means I get to show off this cute little cloth diapered bum:

iHeart Tooshie

Baby Soup discovered that the dog food container is REALLY fun to drum on.  I got some great faces from her.  Our little musician has way too much fun making noises.

For more bum shots, visit I Heart Faces.

Diaper Giveaway

30 Jun

Do you cloth diaper?  Do you have a child and want to try out cloth diapering?  Do you know anyone that cloth diapers?  Do you want to give me a present?

Me and My Boys reviewed Apple Cheeks diapers and is giving one away.  Awesome!  This would be so cool to try out.  We use mainly prefolds and covers, but are always willing to try out new kinds.  Which reminds me, I have a post to finish…..

But yes!  Go over there and you could win a diaper!  And give it to me!  Or I guess you could use it yourself.

Or give it to me.

Or ignore this.  That works too.

Quick!  Look over there!  A baby!

Ahh Monday

29 Jun

Well, another Monday is here.  But it also means another 4 day week!  And I even have a 4 day weekend coming up!  My sister-in-law and her husband are coming out to visit.  Then next week is an even SHORTER week (3.5 days) since we will be taking off early on Friday to go visit my sister and brother-in-law to show of Baby Soup to them.

Oh yeah, and hosting a 4th of July party and finishing putting things away at our house.

*Whew*  Makes me tired just thinking about it.

This past weekend I left Friday to head out East to Pendleton to a Masonic weekend.  Oh, you didn’t know I was a Mason?  Okay, I’m not.  But I’m about as close as a female can get.

Growing up, I was a member of the International Order of the Rainbow for Girls.  To the uninformed, it’s a girls service organization that helps teach memory work, service and friendship.  My mom and my grandma were (and are) active and so I started when I was 4 and served as a flower girl for a ceremony.  Then joined when I was 12 and quickly became deeply involved.  Throughout my years growing up, so many of my memories involve Rainbow, Masons, Shriners and Masonic Temples.  I served as a State Officer 3 years and led my local Assembly twice.  More than that, I learned how to raise money for charities, that the pop tabs hold more aluminum than the pop cans themselves, how to write and give a speech to an audience of several hundred people, how to walk/sit/stand/escort in a hoop skirt (yes, just like in Gone with the Wind) and how to be sure of myself.

I learned how to present myself as an adult.  I learned how to at least fake being assured of myself.

It is something I hope to be able to pass on to my daughter as well.

The first step to that was presenting her to the State Assembly and dedicating her.  If she doesn’t want to continue with Rainbow, that is fine.  But we are going to give her the option.  Even if all she does is join and not like it, that is fine too.

But with the memories I had and the lessons I learned?  I’ll be damned if I don’t let her have the same opportunities!

I’ll have pictures up later….being gone all weekend does not do well for getting photos done.  But Baby Soup found her feet (because she was in disposables this weekend) and sucked on her toes that she was finally able to reach.  She had her first horsie ride and was loved and adored as always.

Edit: And photos!

Being introduced

Being introduced.

Why yes, we are all wearing matching material.

Why yes, we are all wearing matching material.

Receiving a certificate....26 years after my mother received one when I was dedicated.

Receiving a certificate....26 years after my mother received one when I was dedicated.

I apologize for the HORRIBLE photos….but there we go!


27 Apr

Let me preface this post by saying I am not a hippie, even though I live in Oregon.  I bathe (mostly) every day.  I drive a car with regular unleaded gas.  I own a bike, but its hidden in the garage under a pile of crap.

But!  I LOVE cloth diapers and cloth diapering.

I love the fact for around $200, we’ve bought enough items to keep our daughter in diapers and any further children, until potty training.

I love the fact that there will not be any midnight runs to the grocery store to get diapers.

Plus, they are freaking adorable!!

Whats not to love?

What's not to love?

We use prefolds and covers, which are by far the cheapest choice.  They are not the easiest option, but we haven’t had any trouble with them.  They are quick to fold, attach with a Snappi (the best invention EVER!) and can be done at 3am while half asleep.

I also love the Cloth Diaper Outlet.  They have amazing sales and a great selection.  And no, I was not paid to make this post.  :p  I just want to share my love of the cloth.

Plus, they look great with just a t-shirt on too!

Plus, they look great with just a t-shirt on too!