Spring is here

30 Apr

Earlier in the year, I participated in a photo challenge.  It was more of a way to look at things differently.  To stretch your eye.

The topic was to pick something that would be growing and changing over 6 weeks and photograph it.  To capture the time frame of the growing thing.

I chose this plant that grows out by our greenhouse to watch it change.  Of course, I managed to choose the one plant that didn’t blossom during those 6 weeks:

Souvenir Foto School::Week 01

Souvenir Foto School::Week 02

Souvenir Foto School::Week 03b

Souvenir Foto School::Week 04

Souvenior Foto :: Week 05

Souvenir Foto :: Week 06

But then, finally, Spring arrived.  We have blossoms!

Spring is Here!

I am so happy!  So very happy.  So thank you, Miss B, for being inspiring.  And helping me look at this lonely little plant more than I ever had before!

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