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You Capture – Faces

7 Oct


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You Capture – Your Choice

16 Sep


I thought for this You Capture, I would update with the alphabet project I’m doing for Souvenir Foto School!


(Text will be Going, Going, Gone…)



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You Capture – Outside

26 Aug

This past weekend I was up in Seattle for Leah’s Go{4}Pro Workshop and it was phenomenal.  Just so amazing and inspiring!  It also just so happened to be the perfect place to get my You Capture images for the week!  With no further ado, I give you Seattle – Outside.

The View

The view from the apartment we were staying at.  Doesn’t that rooftop look so relaxing?

The Gum Wall

The infamous gum wall!

Colorful Peppers

These peppers looked SO delicious.


This lily photo was taken with the backdrop of the tent.  Looks like a studio shot, huh?


OMG LEAH!  LOOK OVER HERE!  LEAH LEAH LEAH!  We paparazzi’d Leah and her fantastic husband Taylor.  It was a blast!

Space Needle

And you can’t visit Seattle without taking at least ONE photo of the Space Needle!


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You Capture – Everyday Things

12 Aug


Tea Please

Tea. Always some tea.

And a new everyday thing:

Blowing Kisses

Everyday I get blown kisses!  I’m so lucky!

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You Capture – Black and White

22 Jul

Sometimes, I feel like the only pictures I’ve taken of my daughter lately have been when we’ve been in the car.  We’ve been driving a LOT lately….and when we aren’t driving, I’m either working, or trying to keep her from freaking out.

But when I see these images?  I’m glad for the time.  Because they still tell a story of our life.  And for that…I am glad.

Serious Baby

Baby Love

Two separate days.  Two different faces.  Clean toenails.  It’s good stuff.

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