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A Fall in Spring

10 Mar

Whenever Ryan wakes up in the morning, I wake up as well. Sometimes that’s as early as 4am.  Those days tend to be difficult.  We require lots and lots of coffee.

This morning, even though he slept until 7, was still a very very difficult morning. I woke up as he sat up in bed.  A lazy morning…a stretch, checking to see if he needs anything and then cuddling back into bed and the big fluffy comforter.

Ryan got dressed and moved out to the kitchen to eat breakfast and get his medicine together.

A loud bang shattered my doze.  I asked if he was okay. A heartbeat later, I heard a no.  That heartbeat was the last one for a while it seemed as I took it all in.  Somehow I managed to not wake up Avi as I hurtled out of bed.

I turned the corner and lying there on the floor of our kitchen was my husband.  Ryan had fallen hard and was definitely in pain.

Nothing is more painful than seeing someone you love in pain.  I’m just so glad that I was home.  That I was awake enough to hear him fall.  That it was late enough in the morning that a call to the nurse on-call line meant we would be able to get an appointment with the doctor without having to go to Urgent Care.

I tried to get him up to the couch, but it didn’t work so well.  We got a little bit before he started to fall again.  Thankfully this fall was better controlled and didn’t land hard.  We took another break before trying to get him off the floor again.

By the time we had to leave to get to the office, he could stand at least a little bit to get into the wheelchair.

After x-rays, BP and inspections, he was cleared.  Still, the scare was not the way I wanted to wake up. We’ve been taking it easy today but he’s definitely still hurting.

I hope tomorrow starts better….

iHeart Faces – Smile

10 Jan

It takes so many more muscles to frown than it does to smile. The actual number of muscles is unknown thanks to my Google-fu.

Even with half the number of muscles available, a big smile is possible.

Big Smile

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