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Happy Birthday Darius!

16 Sep

Two years ago, you were born.

Your guinea pig like looks charmed us immediately and we fell in love at once.

We counted down the days until we could fly out to Indiana to pick you up.

You were visited almost daily by your soon-to-be daddy’s family and we knew you were being well loved.

You quickly started to get your puppy fluff and became even more cute.

Finally the day came.  We got to fly out and meet you in person!

Not surprisingly, we fell in love even harder.

We were sad to take you from your family, but knew you would see them again someday!  (Molly, in the middle, owned by my Mother-in-Law and Jackson, the right, by my Sister-in-Law).

Being a sheepdog, you immediately knew what to do with sheep as soon as we got you home.

Your first Christmas was jolly good fun.

I was surprised at how well you and your new Sister got along.

Well, most of the time.

You’ve grown into such a handsome dog.

Even if you need to lose a few pounds.

You LOVE your baby so much.  You’ll be her best friend in the years to come, I can just tell.

Bubba, Mr. Man, D, Fuzz Butt, Fatty McFatterson, Mister, D Man.  All these names for one guy.

Happy Birthday, Darius.  We love you so much!