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Weekend Riding

2 Feb

Apparently I’m not awesome enough to be able to embed videos in my blog….but go here to see some CUTE attempts of Baby Soup trying to play the Penny Whistle.  She’s pretty flippin good too!

Playing the Whistle, part 1.

Playing the Whistler, part 2.

One of the several naps Baby Soup took.  Her buddy Darius crawled up to take a nap with her.

Best Friends

Saturday we were blessed with BEAUTIFUL weather and I was so glad to get on the back of Pablo again.  We visited the neighbors, a herd of miniature horses.


Anything is cuter if it is in mini size!

Mini Kisses


My friend’s land is right next to acres and acres of logging forests.  So many trails made by deer, tractors and cars makes for heavenly rides.  Especially when you exit out of a small trail filled with trees, ferns and bushes in to an open space like this:

A Ride With A View


The beautiful Brioso del Ray.  Paso Fino with STYLE.  Even if he is out of shape…the poor guy gets lathered no matter what he does.

Beautiful (and Sweaty) Brioso

After two weeks off, it was good to get him under the saddle again.  Even if we put the wrong (smaller) saddle on him.  Ooops!

So much fun though…..

Is it Friday yet?

Wordless Wednesday – Horse Tales

9 Dec

Meet Eddie

Meet Eddie.  A 17 hand Hanoverian jumper.  A huge teddy bear of a horse.

Brave Soul!

Introduce my daughter.  Fearless.

Deep in the Eyes

Eddie, take good care of her.

Keep My Baby Safe

I know you will be good.  Maybe we can convince Mr. Soup someday soon to get one just like you in the near future.

Mommy and Baby...

I hope so!

BTW, still sore 3 days later.  English riding is so different than Western!

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