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Wordless Wednesday – Random

12 May

Portland Industrial 28

Fire Hydrent

Portland Industrial 01

Some pictures taken last September


26 Feb

I was going to talk about the animals around my home.

Fuzzy Wuzzy
The fuzzy caterpillar that greeted me one morning, just a day after I found a newt that became our newest family member (Eachy is his name).

Meet Eachy!

Or share more images from our sunny walk on Sunday, especially wonderful considering it is now raining cats and dogs.  Hard to believe just a few days ago it looked like this:

Daffodil Bud

But then, I got distracted.

The Blackwater Refuge in Cambridge, Maryland has an eagle cam.  It is watching a Bald Eagle nest.  And today?  They are on hatching watch!  The father brought a fish to the mother which usually means that it’s just about time for the egg to hatch.  So in between working, I’ve been keeping an eye on the cam.  I want to see a baby eagle!


So my productivity has gone into the tank…

How’s your Friday going?

Wordless Wednesday – Random

7 Oct

My cute socks.

My cute socks.


A Pet Snuggie...what everyone needs!

A Pet Snuggie...what everyone needs!

So random today….

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