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You Capture – Halloween

4 Nov

The pirate princess, complete with scar and monkey (in the basket) proceeded to discover this thing called “Trick or Treating”

Pirate Princess

Not finding any houses with the note on our side of the apartments, so we went to explore the other side.  Her walk here just KILLS me.

Pirate Princess

The hips.  The hand.  The whole arm in fact.  Just kills me!

She LOVED being able to knock on doors.  And did really good too!  Only had to help her a couple times.

Pirate Princess

There were the perfect amount of houses to trick or treat at.  The right amount of time.  The right amount of candy.

Pirate Princess

It was so much fun!  Can’t wait for next year!  Find more Halloween (and Silence) photos at Beth’s.


Wordless Wednesday – Pirates vs. Ninjas

22 Jul

So I went through some of our old photos and scanned a bunch for this next post coming up and found some adorable ones of my dear husband.  So I give you…..Pirates vs Ninjas.


Who do you think would win?

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