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You Capture – Comfort

8 Apr


This is going to be a little different than usual….


I find comfort in patterns.


My computer must be opened with the same patterns.  I find comfort in knowing which windows will be located where.  Not having to think as I move my mouse to click the window I want.


Every morning at work, I have my set pattern.  I put my purse and coat on my desk, grab my water bottle and go back to the break room.  I start my toast (bread or english muffin…sometimes a bagel) and fill the water bottle – three pieces of ice and to the top with water.

My lunch has a similar set pattern.


Each week has a comfort pattern too.  Which days I spend visiting family for dinners and which ones get to be spent at home.


The comfort I find in living with these patterns helps assault the randomness that come with life.  It’s my zone.  My shield.

Without the patterns, life can crumble.

I don’t mind change.  As long as I know it’s coming.

For more comfort (most of which is far less depressing than mine) visit the lovely Keli for the last week of You Capture there before it returns to Beth.