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Whoooooooooo’s Twooooooooo?

7 Feb

I know it’s a few weeks late, but I don’t care!

Like any good day, we had a nap early on.

Nap Time
Then, my mom arrived to help get ready.  She brought her camera, which of course meant the birthday girl had to take it.

Baby Photog
A girl after my own heart!

Baby Photog

A little snack time before all the people arrived.


The above picture?  Taken amongst this:

Dancing Queen

She would spin spin spin and then drop and pose.

Dancing Poses
I’ve got a dancer for sure!

Then Grammy arrived with the cake!  It was SO delicious!

Beautiful Owl Cake

Presents!  This year, she totally got into it.  Tearing paper and tossing bows.  It was hilarious.

This puppy became her new best friend.

New Puppy Love
Well, at least until she opened the play tent.  After that, this is the most we saw of her all day:


Happy birthday, baby girl.  You are a so loved and I hope your party was a blast!


You Capture – Color

28 Jan

This weekend being my daughter’s birthday party, I had plenty of chances to capture colors!

Granddaughter and Nana

My daughter and her Nana, in very colorful shirts.

Colorful Cakes

The colorful cake and cupcakes for her birthday.  With very colorful and yummy cream cheese spread and THE BEST SALSA EVER.

Colorful Faces

Colorful expressions on her face.

Colorful Character

A colorful character.  Complete with a dab of color on his scalp.

Colorless Doll

It’s amazing how removing the many colors can make something so normal into something…creepy.

For more colors, visit Beth.

Birthday Party

25 Jan

Firstly, I had a great Love Story post created.  But hit draft instead of publish on Friday.  Oops.  So that will go up tomorrow.

Secondly, update on the Haiti adoptions with my cousin.  The new kids should be arriving sometime this week.  Praise the Lord.  They have also been interviewed by the newspaper and been on Fox News.  Yay for blessings on that front.  Their family will be joined together soon.

And now, recap for the busy weekend.  My daughter’s birthday party!

She had a BLAST.

Pleased with Herself

She absolutely loved her cake and cupcakes:

The Pirate Princess Party Cake

Pirate Princess Party Cupcakes

She clapped when everyone sang Happy Birthday to her before grabbing at the “plank” on the cake to eat.

Candle Blowing

photo credit - my dad

She then ate her cupcake.  With a fork, of course.  Baby Girl does NOT like getting her hands dirty.

Proper Pirate Princess

She was also enthralled with the presents.


And did a great job of unwrapping them when it came time!

Unwrapping Presents

Girly girl that she is, she loved that her baby doll got a dress that matched her birthday dress (made by Nana)

Baby Doll

And she also got a great stroller to push the baby around in.  Or pull.  Since that’s how she rolls.

Big Walker

Her favorite part though?

The people.  By far.

Baby Kisses
Daddy and Daughter


Loving the Baby

How was your weekend?