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Sneak Peek!

30 Sep

Someone finally peeked a smile after playing outside for a little bit. But he had to be outside, did NOT want to be inside at all.

Piano Man
Someone ELSE did not want his picture taken at all. Regardless of where it was located. So I got a few cute ones on the couch and then he and Baby Soup played the piano together. It was fine as long as I wasn’t in his face apparently.

But these little fingers….

Baby Fingers!
They grabbed onto my heart and didn’t let go.

Even when momma had to change clothes because he decided to anoint her.

The cheeks and lips that taste so yummy.

And then forget dogs….

Lambs are a Boy's Best Friend
Lambs are a boy’s best friend.

Enjoy these sneak peeks, Trin! The rest will be on their way to you soon, I promise!

Wordless Wednesday – Decorating With Baby

29 Sep

Baby in a Basket

Where would you decorate with a baby?

Wordless Wednesday – New Baby!

15 Sep

I cannot wait to get to take the photos of this newborn and his beautiful family.  Bursting with Boys!  Congratulations, Trin!  Andrew is GORGEOUS!