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16 Apr

So, I’ve been so inspired by tons of decorating blogs (namely Making it Lovely, Young House Love and The Shabby Nest among many others) and in fact, have been going through the entire archives of Young House Love right now….

Which is good, because our house seriously has needed it.  We moved in last July.  It was about double the size of our tiny duplex and we almost didn’t know what to do with ourselves.  We were able to take things out of storage and have a place for them!  Things from our wedding we got as gifts almost five years ago that had never been opened.  It was wonderful.  But we got a little crazy.  We were so excited to see our things again that we didn’t really do anything with them.  As such, our house is incomplete.

Mr. Soup and I have finally gotten down to brass tax and have been tackling it.  The first step has been de-cluttering.  I’ve got a confession.  We are both messy people.


I know.  I admitted it out in the open.  This is why there will not be any before pictures.

We are pilers.  Piles of clean clothes, piles of clean dishes (dirty ones do get cleaned…and then not put away), piles of papers.

I’m brave enough to admit it, but no pictures for you.

We’ve accepted that we will have to work at it and are getting there.  Our bedroom got completely rearranged and settled in.  We are using our closet!  Our shoes have pairs and we have two huge boxes to take to Goodwill of clothes and randomness.

Baby Soup’s room has been the next step.  We’ve actually finished up with putting her too-small clothes away.  We keep a paper box next to the changing table/dresser so that when we discover an item of clothes that is too small (darn girl keeps growing!) we can just fold it up and toss it in there.  Then, when it’s full, we label it with the size and (theoretically) can store it in the outbuilding.  But we had yet to actually take anything out to the storage building so they just sat in the corner, along with the next stage of clothing in a box.  So we had too small and almost fitting clothes just hanging out.

Finally got the clothing into their spots and tore down the twin trundle bed that was in the other corner.  Our big plan was to move the twin captain’s bed that was in our living room into the bedroom, since it had huge drawers and we could keep all of her toys in one place.

I measured everything to make sure it would fit in the room where I wanted it to go.  We had room for everything!  I was so excited!  Mr. Soup dumped out the drawers (because of course they don’t detach and the thing is heavy enough on it’s own) and started pushing it from the front of the house to the back.  That was when we discovered the problem.

Turns out, there is absolutely NO WAY that the huge bed will make the corner into Baby Soup’s room.  No way at all.  Not only will it not make the corner, but there was a huge chance that the thing wouldn’t even fit through the door even if we did have the room to maneuver.  Poor Mr. Soup.

Our new plan is set though, involving not as big items going into the corner and rearranging other items.  I’ll definitely be sharing images when things are closer to being complete and decorating is done.

This weekend, my plan is to tackle some thrift stores!  I can’t wait to share what I find!

What about you?  Are you attempting spring cleaning or decluttering?  What about decorating or organizing?

Or better yet, where do you go for interior decorating inspiration?  I can always use some new blogs to stalk….

And just because I can’t leave any post without an image of some kind, Baby Soup and her Grandpa right after discovering that chairs are hard:

Mean Grandpa

and about ten minutes later, after discovering that getting hurt means Grandpa gives you an Oreo:

Cookie Monster

(Please note, no children were purposefully injured in the making of this blog post.