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Weekend Riding

2 Feb

Apparently I’m not awesome enough to be able to embed videos in my blog….but go here to see some CUTE attempts of Baby Soup trying to play the Penny Whistle.  She’s pretty flippin good too!

Playing the Whistle, part 1.

Playing the Whistler, part 2.

One of the several naps Baby Soup took.  Her buddy Darius crawled up to take a nap with her.

Best Friends

Saturday we were blessed with BEAUTIFUL weather and I was so glad to get on the back of Pablo again.  We visited the neighbors, a herd of miniature horses.


Anything is cuter if it is in mini size!

Mini Kisses


My friend’s land is right next to acres and acres of logging forests.  So many trails made by deer, tractors and cars makes for heavenly rides.  Especially when you exit out of a small trail filled with trees, ferns and bushes in to an open space like this:

A Ride With A View


The beautiful Brioso del Ray.  Paso Fino with STYLE.  Even if he is out of shape…the poor guy gets lathered no matter what he does.

Beautiful (and Sweaty) Brioso

After two weeks off, it was good to get him under the saddle again.  Even if we put the wrong (smaller) saddle on him.  Ooops!

So much fun though…..

Is it Friday yet?

An Angel

27 Jan

Before I get into my post, prayers for my grandma would be greatly appreciated.  She just got put onto Hospice care.  😦


More than seven years ago, I was not doing so good.  I had depression, but didn’t know how to treat it.  I was going to school and working at a movie theater, had friends and was enjoying life….but still had something missing.

Family friends had a Miniature Schnauzer they had bred.  She was going to have puppies.  And they wanted to give one to me.  After much debate, I decided to go through with it.  I hadn’t had a pet since my cat Whiskers had disappeared several years before (He was old, we think he went off to die outside one day.  He was king of the hill and wouldn’t have wanted us to see him sick…) and I missed the animal companionship.

On a trip home in January I stopped by their house to see the new puppies.  They were tiny black balls of fluff.  And were adorable.  I soon got attached to one.  This little girl was so loving.  She would try and follow me if I put her down to go play with one of the others.  I knew she would go home with me.

I called her Angel and she quickly became my baby.  She slept in bed with me, with her head on the pillow.  When it was cold, she would slip under the covers and curl up next to my tummy.

She was a very sweet girl and quickly became the bell of the ball.  We would go into Portland to visit a friend.  Stopping by his favorite restaurant, we ate outside.  And Angel got a water bowl.  Complete with lemon.  Portland really is a great dog city!

A year later, I went off to Florida to work for Disney World and left my baby with my parents.  She LOVES Grandpa and Nana.  In fact, we cannot say those words around her, because she’ll freak out.  She knows when we are on our way over there.  In fact, if we are spending the night at their house, she won’t sleep with us.  She automatically goes to sleep in their bed.

I came back from Florida engaged.  Introducing Angel to Mr. Soup was easy.  Love at first sight and another human to love on her.

Then we added two more family members.  Cats.  Angel was wary, but still was Queen of the house and so was fine.  She didn’t chase them and occasionally would play with them.  She was still in charge.

Until the next family member arrived.

Contrary to this picture, they did get along.  They were just playing football….without the ball.  They are now buddies.

And then, a year later, we had the audacity to bring another family member home.

One that wasn’t as easy to play with.

But as long as she still got to be on her Grandpa’s lap, she was fine.  And now she’ll put up with Baby Soup.  Especially now that she’s taken to walking around while eating.  Lots of snacks.

Schnauzers are great dogs.  They don’t shed at all.  You do need to get them professionally groomed because of the hair that grows in their ears.  Also, their fur can get matted easily.  Especially if another dog or cat’s saliva gets onto their beard.

They then look look like this:

A little funny, but still lovely.

Soft fur, snuggly bodies.  Perfect sized lap dogs.  Human personalities and smart.  Almost too smart.

To my Angel.  Happy Birthday, Baby Girl.  You are now 7 years old.  Here is to many more lovely years together.

Happy Birthday Darius!

16 Sep

Two years ago, you were born.

Your guinea pig like looks charmed us immediately and we fell in love at once.

We counted down the days until we could fly out to Indiana to pick you up.

You were visited almost daily by your soon-to-be daddy’s family and we knew you were being well loved.

You quickly started to get your puppy fluff and became even more cute.

Finally the day came.  We got to fly out and meet you in person!

Not surprisingly, we fell in love even harder.

We were sad to take you from your family, but knew you would see them again someday!  (Molly, in the middle, owned by my Mother-in-Law and Jackson, the right, by my Sister-in-Law).

Being a sheepdog, you immediately knew what to do with sheep as soon as we got you home.

Your first Christmas was jolly good fun.

I was surprised at how well you and your new Sister got along.

Well, most of the time.

You’ve grown into such a handsome dog.

Even if you need to lose a few pounds.

You LOVE your baby so much.  You’ll be her best friend in the years to come, I can just tell.

Bubba, Mr. Man, D, Fuzz Butt, Fatty McFatterson, Mister, D Man.  All these names for one guy.

Happy Birthday, Darius.  We love you so much!