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6 Oct

I am a huge reader.  I love books and I love re-reading books.  The stories that people come up with are amazing.  As a child, I learned to read very early, if only so I could be transported into other worlds whenever I wanted.  Being sent to my room was never horrible, because I could always read and escape. The biggest punishment was being restricted from reading.

Some of you may remember that I met my husband from an online book community.  Our daughter is named after a book character.  Books have always been a significant part of my life.

One of my all time favorite book series is Outlander by Diana Gabaldon.  It’s a series that is difficult to explain, but is kind of a historical fiction fantasy.  An English nurse from 1950 gets transported through standing stones back to the 18th century Scotland.  It has action, adventure, romance, history….so many things.  The writing is superb, the characters are so full and the story is just amazing.

Last night, I had the priveledge of meeting Diana Gabaldon.  She was so sweet and unbelievabley smart.  With a bachelor’s in zoology, a master’s in marine biology and a Ph.D. in ecology, she is not your usual novelist and it shows in how she speaks, the stories she tells and the books she writes.

Diana Gabaldon, myself, my mom and my mother-in-law

Diana Gabaldon, myself, my mom and my mother-in-law

The new book is phenomenal and well worth the wait.

If you are looking for another book series to read, I highly recommend Outlander.  It has anything and everything one could want in a series.  If you’ve read it before, let me know so I can attack you and see if you’ve read the most recent book.  My mom is finishing her re-read and my mother-in-law is still on book 4, so I don’t have anyone to talk to about it!

And with that, I leave you with a poem from last night that she gave us:

In days of old

When nights were cold

Before condoms were invented.

They wrapped wool socks

Around their cocks

And that’s how babies were prevented.

Alexander Dumas

13 Apr

What is it about reading a book for the first time that has obtained status as a classic and discovering how much you love it that thrills?

I have been a fan of Dumas for years (ever since The Three Musketeers movie with Chris O’Donnell, Kiefer Sutherland, Tim Curry and the awesomeness that is Oliver Platt came out). That movie made me run to the library and get the book. I then followed with the Man in the Iron Mask. When the movie with Leonardo DiCaprio came out (with Hugh Laurie as well! Yay Dr House!) I was excited. I enjoyed the movie, but was disappointed because the movie covers only the first couple chapters of the book. On the one hand, it’s impressive how much story they pulled out of so few chapters. But on the other hand, it’s depressing that they left out so much. There have been few moments in my reading life that I have cried as hard as I did for the death of a character as I did for Portho’s death.

For some reason, I hadn’t ever read The Count of Monte Cristo. Don’t ask me how I missed it, but I did. I have been dealing with it now, though. I am about halfway done and am enjoying it just as much as the other writings by Dumas. I enjoy his writing style. It presents itself to be put on tv stage and screen so well. Descriptions are written almost like a script. It’s just beautiful.

Then, just this past weekend, I discovered something else.  Apparently, the majority of the translations that are out (including all the ones I had ever read) of Dumas’ work was translated from French by the Victorians.  And they took out all the sex scenes.  Holy cow there are sex scenes!
So now, I must read the accurate translation and get a whole other story!  I cannot wait!

For the love of books

30 Mar

Books. I love almost everything about them, whatever form they are in. The smell of a library book. The sound of a new reader for an audio book. The crispness of the words on the screen of an ebook. Each has it’s own experience and each story can be enjoyed best in a different format.

Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series holds a special place in my heart.  They are the reason I found my husband and our daughter is named after one of the characters.  Seeing the 11 current books out on our bookshelf always makes me smile as I think of all the memories and friends that they have brought into my life.

I love listening to the Harry Potter books, the ones read by Jim Dale. His voice is soothing and the separate voices he does for each character are phenomenal.

I enjoy reading Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series in my big paperback books. I love the feel of those pages. Katherine by Anya Seton gives me the same feeling. The fact that each edition, regardless of when it was published uses the same font is comforting, especially since I have gone through three different copies.

Now excuse me as I enjoy my time with The Count of Monte Cristo, by Alexander Dumas. In ebook form.