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Small Style :: Eclectic

29 Mar

In an effort to start blogging again, I thought I might follow along with some of my favorite bloggers (Adventures in Babywearing and So Fawned) and show a little bit of my daughter’s amazing style. Nothing is designer. Most of it is hand-me-downs or a gift. But I’m fine with that! Especially since this was Avi’s fourth outfit of the day, not counting PJs in the morning an at night, we need lots of options.

In this outfit, there is a sundress that her papa and nana got her when they were in Hawaii, a silver tutu from Christmas pajamas two years ago, a brown corduroy skirt and plaid pants from a friend and shoes also from a friend. Underneath her pants, she also has a pair of pink striped leggings with seahorses on them.

Overall, a very common outfit in our house!




Enjoy and visit Mama Loves Papa for more small style!