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100th Post

11 Aug

This is my 100th post.  Crazy!  Only been doing this for a few months and already loving it.  I’ve met so many amazing and fabulous people because of this blog.  It makes me happy.

I started to do the trendy 100 things about me post that seems to be popular, but I couldn’t finish it.

How many people actually read it?  And enjoy it?

I thought I would do something different.  Well, not too different anyways, since I’m taking a page from The Badass Geek and ask you what you want to know.

Ask me a question about anything.  Anything at all and I will answer it.  I may not post the answer, but I will at least email it to you if it’s not public appropriate.

But first, thank you.  Thank you for listening to me spew my words, to express my thoughts and more importantly, being my friend.

There can never be enough love in the world, so thank you for letting me spread some more around!

Shirt says "Diva in Training". So very true.