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Souvenir Foto School – Week 03

25 Nov

AND You Capture!  All in one!

SFS Food Week 03 - Sweetheart

A yummy Taco Bell Chalupa, with Hershey Kisses.

Visit Beth and Miss B for more yummy looking food!


Souvenir Foto School – Week 02

17 Nov

SFS Food Week 02

I’ve realized that so far, my two weeks have given a message as well as yummy food.  Last week, the message on my Starbucks said “Stories are Gifts – Share”.  This week, the message is Lighten Up!

I can deal with that!

What hidden messages have you found?

Souvenir Foto School – Week 01

11 Nov

SFS Food Week 01

The always lovely Miss B is doing another Foto School. As soon as I heard about it I said “yes please!” Can’t wait to see what the next few weeks bring!