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Small Style :: Formal Wear

5 Apr

My daughter has never been one to shy away from the girly.

Her favorite color is pink, she loves getting her nails and makeup done and would wear at least one dress, if not 3 every day if she had enough.

So when she found one of my dresses in a pile of folded clothes she just had to put it on. Of course, it’s not even close to her size….but we made it work. Even if it was backwards.


She even ASKED me to take pictures of her.


I love that a knee-length dress on me becomes a formal dress with a train on her.

She looked so beautiful and so happy.


I can’t wait until we get to go dress shopping for real. Then again, never mind. I want her to stay my baby forever….

Hooked up with Small Style over at Mama Loves Papa.

iHeart Faces – Let’s Hear it for the Boys!

20 Jun

I do love me some boys! Whether they are tiny and snuggly or big and manly, I love having boys around me. This may be why I have so many fantastic male friends that are single and need a fabulous girl and why I’m having trouble finding them!

So when I saw that iHeart Faces’ entry for this was was about boys, I knew exactly the image I wanted to share!

I’ve been honored to take headshots for my hometown fire department in their new uniforms. It was so much fun and an absolute honor. A couple of the guys were complete hams!  And so, I give you, Maverick and Goose. Don’t ask which is which, because they keep fighting over who is who.

Maverick and Goose

iHeart Faces – Best Face From March

4 Apr


The cheeks!  The toes! The happiness!  Hard not to love this image!

She Shoots…

17 Mar

She Scores!

I’ve been so busy lately!

I created a poster.

Cleaned house (and kept it up!)

Done lots of things for my Photog’s Helper site.

Finished editing a gorgeous session for my cousin.

Oh yeah, and am part of an amazing giveaway!

I’m feeling good.  🙂

Firefighter Love

11 Feb

I cannot believe it took me so long to post these pictures.

I was honored enough to visit my hometown and take shots of the new Fire & Life Safety Division Chief.  He just also happened to be a friend from high school’s wife….and the son of a good friend of my mom’s.

"These are not the droids you are looking for!"

A night full of Star Wars and Star Trek jokes – “These are not the droids you are looking for”

Oath of Office

Before getting down to business.

Proud Chief

Almost as proud as a papa.


Three of the four boys (yes, they have four beautiful boys!) helped pin his new bars on.  They were SO proud.


After all that hard work, they definitely deserved some cake!

Big Smile

And one last big grin.  The proud new Division Chief.  Congratulations, Dave!  It was so great to see you all!