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Hello Strangers

12 Sep

I don’t know if anyone is still here….but wanted to give an update!

Life is good. We are blessed for sure!

Ryan has been healing in ways that can only be judged as miraculous. We received an opportunity for him to get his blood tested at home instead of having to take him to the doctor each week. This is awesome, because even though we only live 5 minutes from the office, it’s difficult for him.

We are balancing out his blood thickness and that, along with a new migraine medication, it’s making a huge difference in his attitude and energy level.

Speaking of a huge difference, we have a friend that moved into our other bedroom. She has been such an amazing gift. Having someone home with Ryan all day is amazing. No worrying about how he is doing if not answering the phone. It’s amazing. She watches Avi at home 3 of 5 days during the week too, which is fantastic because Avi gets to play with her daddy. She’s going to the babysitter 2 days a week to give Ryan more of a break too.

I love the stories I get to hear that happen during the day. For example, Avi was obsessed with the Big Bad Wolf yesterday:

AVI: SUZANNE, the Big Bad Wolf put the tooth fairy in JAIL! That wasn’t nice of him.

SUZ: No, it wasn’t! Poor tooth fairy. She doesn’t deserve that.

AVI: No, but he DID IT. Because he’s BIG! He’s BAD! And he STOLE MY MAGIC WAND.

SUZ: What a mean old wolf!

AVI: We need to STOP him. The Big Nice Wolf couldn’t do it because the Big Bad Wolf hid from him and he couldn’t find him ANYWHERE.


AVI: Hello! I’m a superhero!

SUZ: Oh thank GOODNESS you’re here, Superhero. Avi needs help getting her wand back from the evil Big Bad Wolf. I think she can do it, but she needs help from a superhero.

AVI: I can do it! *runs off to help Avi* TO THE RESCUE!!!

I love that I get to hear and see these special moments in my daughters life! These are stories that I wouldn’t get to hear otherwise. And that’s awesome.
Now, if you know me, you know I am far from a good cook. I can make pancakes and rice in a rice cooker correctly, but that is about it. Suzanne, on the other hand, loves cooking. This means we get to try recipes that I’ve always thought sounded good but didn’t ever have the energy to touch. The Kitchenaid mixer I won from The Pioneer Woman? Actually getting used now! We have fresh meals and baked goods!
It’s also given us the opportunity to start something else.
In October, we are going to be doing The Whole30. 30 days of a stricter version of Paleo. I think I’ll try to blog about it to see how it goes. But I’m excited to eat healthy. Both Suzanne and I on Monday had thoughts (completely separate) about eating healthier and how little energy we’ve been having. Bringing it up together was meant to be…it’s amazing how God can work even on the little things!
And just because I can, here are some of the more recent Instagram images of our lives:

Good morning, world. I'm ready for Thursday. Let's do this.
Trying on his Halloween costume and showing off his sheer awesomeness. He prances around and loves his clothes.
Best McDonalds toy ever: Paul Frank pencil and book "Hold on, I need to write this down before I forget." I love this girl!
I don't think I've shared one of my two Uncommon cases. I love it so much, not just because it's one of my favorite pictures of my family but because the case works super well! I also love being able to offer them to my photography clients who have iPhone

What have you guys been up to?


29 Mar

It’s been a while, I know, but I haven’t forgotten about you, I promise!

Life has been crazy. For the past 6 months, I’ve been working four jobs. Now, at 30, I’m down to only 3 and they are all separate options in the photography industry.

I get off my main full time job at 3:30 and have the rest of the day and the full weekend to do my other two jobs (photography and business consulting and helping other photographers).

This also means I get to spend more time with my amazingly inspiring husband and incredibly crazy daughter.

The two of them love each other so much and I am so happy I get to see them more often!



I love these two! So much.

And now that I have more time, I’ll be able to post more and be around your blogs more too! Hurray!

Merry Christmas!

25 Dec

I hope your Christmas holiday was as wonderful as ours!

Avi got a camera and a bike as well as far too many other things.



She loves rolling around in her new bike, rocking the lip gloss and passing out candy canes to “everyone”.

I hope yours was amazing an as blessed as mine was. Having Ryan home made it a million times better than last years.

It’s been a year…

29 Nov

I cannot believe its been a year since I woke up to Ryan not being responsive. 365 days since I held his hand without knowing what was wrong with him or if he would ever wake up. 12 months since he opened his eyes and recognized me with a little smile.

The change and growth he has made has been amazing. He’s taking complete care of himself. Sometimes he watches Avi too. Life has reached a pattern that is acceptable.

Our life has completely and utterly changed from what we imagined it would be, but not 100% for the worse. We have been blessed in ways that cannot even began to be explained. Jobs, housing, food, financial, friends – all blessings and help and love and prayers that have made such a difference.

I love you all so much and feel blessed. To have you in my life. No matter how tired I may feel, I know that there are people all over the world to help support me. And that means more than can ever be explained.


I’ma Here

28 Oct


Still here. Still all alive. Still all doing pretty good even.

Avi is so amazing. She has fallen in love with her daddy again which is so amazing. They play together and it makes me happy.

She is obsessed with The Backyardigans which makes me happy because I love that show. It’s so much fun! And as a dancer myself, seeing these characters doing great dance moves is so much fun!

Ryan is about the same. Happier during the days at least. Playing WoW and keeping his speech working which is awesome.

Work is going well. Busy as always, but keeps me out of trouble.

I’m sad that the weather is getting cold so we can’t go on walks as much anymore, but there will be beautiful days.

Here’s to tomorrow. A no headache day. That’s a goal….