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25 Apr

I hate not feeling wanted. And today, even though I have some wonderful and exciting news that I can’t share quite yet, two things happened today that crushed the happiness. I knew they were both coming. And I can’t really go into the details….but it’s disappointing. Draining. Soul crushing even.

But instead of dwelling on that, I want to focus on the happy.

The beautiful weather we had this weekend. Including on Friday when we managed to get home right before this happened:


Snuggling with a 3 month old baby and being content with having a single child.

I've Been Babied!

The AMAZING 70 degree day on Saturday and playing at the park after enjoying the Alpenrose Dairy Easter Egg hunt aftermath (we parked the car after the gun went off to start….probably about 10 minutes later it was over. If that.

Playing in the Sun

Putting makeup on to celebrate Easter:

Easter MakeupThe Easter celebration I spent with family yesterday, Ryan included. It was so wonderful seeing him interacting with the conversation. Chasing Avi around with an egg. *sigh* It was very happy.

How was your Easter?

A Great Aunt :: Salem, Oregon Newborn Photographer

11 Jan

Back in October, I reintroduced you to my niece, who along with her husband were pregnant!


Well, they had a beautiful baby girl, about 30 minutes after my husband had his stroke.  So I didn’t get to go down that Saturday like I had planned.  But I did get to visit her on Christmas Eve!  The lights were bright, the presents were wrapped, it was a perfect day.

Mother's Love

First Christmas Tree

An Amazing Great Grandmother