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iHeart Faces – Let’s Hear it for the Boys!

20 Jun

I do love me some boys! Whether they are tiny and snuggly or big and manly, I love having boys around me. This may be why I have so many fantastic male friends that are single and need a fabulous girl and why I’m having trouble finding them!

So when I saw that iHeart Faces’ entry for this was was about boys, I knew exactly the image I wanted to share!

I’ve been honored to take headshots for my hometown fire department in their new uniforms. It was so much fun and an absolute honor. A couple of the guys were complete hams!  And so, I give you, Maverick and Goose. Don’t ask which is which, because they keep fighting over who is who.

Maverick and Goose

iHeart Faces – Motherhood

10 May

With what price we pay for the glory of motherhood. ~Isadora Duncan


The woman who birthed me and the child I birthed.

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iHeart Faces – Soft and Sweet

2 May

Come Here You!

Soft focus but such a sweet shot. I love how sweet my daughter is!

iHeart Faces – Wind

18 Apr

On days that I’m at home and the weather is nice, Avi and I like to walk to go get the mail. It’s always a fun walk since there is a wetlands between our apartment building and the rest of the complex. There are always ducks and usually a pair of geese swimming around. We sit and watch them for a bit before continuing on. After we get the mail, we stop by the office to visit “the ladies” and get a cookie. Avi adores the girls that work in the office and they always love to see her too. Then on the way home, we usually stop for a bit at the little park.

It takes no more than half an hour out of my day and brings so much joy to us both.


This little girl is the reason for so many of the things I do.

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iHeart Faces – Best Face From March

4 Apr


The cheeks!  The toes! The happiness!  Hard not to love this image!