A New Normal

24 Jul

Life has developed a new normal lately. I never thought I’d miss the time I spent roaming around the internet being bored.

Each day has been crazy in its own way. I haven’t even sat at my computer since Wed. My only access to the outside world has been on my phone. Thank goodness for it or I’d be completely lost!

Ryan has been doing amazing. He’s watching Avi most days when I work. This week she’s spent one night with her Nana and Papa and this weekend she was with Grammy. Even though I’ve been working anywhere from 8 to 11 hours, it’s been so nice to get home and take care of just myself. I’ve been putting myself to bed with a bowl of ice cream and a glass if wine. It’s been glorious but it’s also been a good reminder of how much I love my daughter. Everything reminds me of her and I miss the moments that I am home. Can’t imagine living without her. But she’ll be home when I get back tonight from work. Hurray!

I’m holding myself together. Some days are better than others. Always tired, but I’ve begun to accept that. It’s the new normal and the only way I can get anything done. Up around 7am and passed out by 10pm if I’m lucky.

Tomorrow is another day. And so is today. Life will go on and so will I.


One Response to “A New Normal”

  1. alice July 29, 2011 at 1:32 pm #

    hang in there, kathy, and just count your blessings :). sounds like things have come a long way for you and ryan, that’s wonderful!

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