5 Oct

Reading is a hobby that I will manage to fit into my life any way I can.  I’ll grab a half hour before bed almost every night, no matter how tired I am.  Reading at work on lunch is a common occurrence (and also why I hide in a room away from everyone so people don’t ask me the dreaded question “What are you reading?”  Seriously…I hate that question except from a select few that I know are already readers.  But if you are just trying to make conversation?  Don’t.  For serious.  You don’t care.  Also, I’m not going to want/be able to answer the inevitable follow up question of “What’s it about?”.  Just leave me alone to my book.  Don’t worry, I will recommend the heck out of anything I love already!

In fact, if you’ve read my blog at all, you’ll find a few posts about books and authors and book signings….

I love when I have too many books to read.  Well, love and hate.

Right now, on my side table, I have Mockingjay**, which is the third in The Hunger Games** trilogy.  It’s about halfway done.

Then, right underneath it is The Way of Kings** by Brandon Sanderson.  Also about halfway done.

Underneath THAT is Knife of Dreams** and The Gathering Storm** the most recent books in the Wheel of Time series.  I’m hoping to read this and the subsequent books to get refreshed before November 2nd when Towers of Midnight** comes out.  (BTW….it has a trailer.  Which, really….AWESOME!  I’m loving this trend of book trailers that look they are for movies.)

At work, I’m reading Outlander (again) on my iPhone via the Kindle app because I can.  Also, thanks to the lovely Diana Gabaldon’s blog, I discovered that the ebook is free on Amazon**.  So if you are at ALL interested in the historical fiction with a twist of time travel and romance and action and, oh, just go get it.  For seriously!

**Please note, I am not an Amazon affiliate.  Just wanted to give you links to the books to take a look at if you are at all interested and maybe read a few pages.  These are my own opinions and blah di blahblahblahzzzzzzzzz…….

One Response to “Books!”

  1. Mom October 5, 2010 at 6:06 pm #

    You get this from me and from your grandma. I have three books going right now. I feel like reading is the dessert after a meal. So great to finish off a day. Love that you read and enjoy it so much.

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