Twenty Months

20 Sep

I know it’s a day late, please forgive me, Sugar Nut!

Yesterday was a busy busy day and since we are at our new place, we still don’t have internet, so you’ll have to bear with me.

Yesterday was the day we met little Baby Andrew.


You were, of course, immediately enthralled.  It was a baby!  And since he was only 5 days old, it was easy for you to hold him.  You even gave him kisses.  As always, you were absolutely adorable.  I love how nice you are with babies!  Granted, that also means everyone always asks when you will have a little brother or sister.  We enjoy politely telling them we haven’t decided yet, but chances are, we will only have you as a daughter.  And we are okay with that.  I just hope you will be too.

Puppy Love

You are, of course, still totally in love with your puppies.  More importantly, they are even more loving you.  Angel will let you play with her, and both of them LOVE playing fetch.  You’ve learned to pat on the bed or couch to have them jump up and sit on you.  It’s so great seeing how overwhelmingly excited you are when they do that.

Dancing Queen

You are continuously singing and dancing.  Even the smallest bits of music will get you to bob your head.  You’ve started singing even when there isn’t any music playing.  Babbling on with your own lyrics and a soundtrack that only you hear.  You only sing in a whisper, so anytime I hear that little whisper coming from where you are playing, and see you singing to your babies, my heart just goes pitter-patter.

Sour Berries!

The day before we moved, we had one last berry picking jaunt.  Your face is so priceless, as is you ability to imitate us.  I’m just continuously shocked at how adult you are becoming.

Your verbalization is changing, finally working out fuller explorations into (as Uncle Matt would say) “real person-hood”.  Your bath time has changed too.  You must actively be doing something, helping us pour water into a cup or putting it in our hands, something.  Anything to help.  The only way we can get you out of the bathtub is if we drain the water first, letting you scoop and pour until the last little bit drains.  Then, with a grin and a giggle, you’ll stand up, arms raised, ready to “shake shake baby”, be wrapped in a towel and ready for bed.

Every month, I write these letters and every month am just overwhelmed with how much more I love you.  My baby is not a baby any more.

With love, always and forever,


One Response to “Twenty Months”

  1. Mom September 20, 2010 at 5:03 pm #

    Love the picture with Baby Andrew. She is so beautiful. Are you sure about another baby for your house?

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