Book Signing

5 Feb

First off, let me share some very very happy news!  My cousin’s family has grown by two more!  Thank you for all your prayers and good wishes for their Haitian children making it home.

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Back in September, I was lucky enough to help out with a book signing at my local Powell’s.  It was so much fun, getting to meet Brandon Sanderson and other Wheel of Time fans.

I finally have permission to share images as well!  Woo!

So here we go, just a few!

Brandon Sanderson and Greg Manchess

The man himself, Brandon Sanderson on the left.  With a local Portland artist, Greg Manchess on the right.  He is a cover artist for Tor, the publishing company for The Wheel of Time.  He is getting to do a project in the future for The Wheel of Time.  I cannot wait to see it!

There were also people with items inspired from the books:

A Modern Day Asha'man

A gentleman with the Sword and Dragon pin of Asha’man.

Time to Toss the Dice

A Maiden of the Spear complete with Old Tongue tattoo.

Self Bound

These two gentlemen got permission to print out Brandon Sanderson’s Warbreaker novel and bind it for a book making class.  The one on the right is even leather-bound.

After autographing it, Mr. Sanderson was quoted as saying, laughingly “Probably the only time a book of mine will be bound in leather”

Allomantic OrnamentsThese are hand painted Christmas Tree ornaments with Allomantic metal symbols from the Mistborn novels.  Mr. Sanderson was VERY excited to see them.

So there are just a few images from a day way back in September.  It was so much fun, I hope I can do it again!

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